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Welcome to Torg's Pitted Olives category page. Our wide variety of high-quality pitted olives is sure to impress any buyer or food business owner. We offer private label options and wholesale prices for all types of businesses. Our extensive sourcing network in Spain, Italy, and the Mediterranean ensures a diverse selection of flavorful olives to choose from. With Torg, you can easily find trusted suppliers for your pitted olive needs.

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Looking for quality pitted olives at wholesale prices? Look no further! Torg's marketplace offers a wide selection of pitted olives from top suppliers in Spain, Italy and the Mediterranean. Browse our extensive collection now and find the perfect flavor to add to your private label products!

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bio organica italia s.r.l. logo
Bio organica italia s.r.l.
MISSION We make our products with raw materials coming exclusively from our open-air cultivations SUSTAINABILITY We are constantly committed to respecting and protecting the environment through the use of alternative and renewable energy sources
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Artichoke spreads
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Italy Strada Provinciale 65 - CERIGNOLA (FG)
Certificates: All
Madama Oliva S.R.L. logo
Madama oliva s.r.l.
Madama Oliva specializes in the processing of fresh table olives, offering a wide range of products such as olive pastes, lupini, and snacks. They merge tradition and authenticity with modern quality and food safety standards. Their product lines include fresh fruit, olive snacks, hummus, and more, catering to both retail and Horeca sectors. Madama Oliva stands out for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and wellbeing, making them a leading company in Italy's olive processing industry.
Chopped olives
Pitted olives
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Certificates: All
turri fratelli srl logo
Turri fratelli srl
Frantoio Turri produces highquality extra virgin olive oil from Garda, carefully selecting and respecting the olives and the land. Their modern company combines tradition and knowledge of olive cultivation with uptodate production methods. Explore their selection of olive oil as well as other food and cosmetic products in their shop. Discover the culture of olive growing and their passion through their blog. Visit Frantoio Turri for premium olive oil and more.
Virgin olive oil
Chopped olives
Green pitted olives
Extra virgin olive oil
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Italy . - .
Med Food Wholesale logo
Med food wholesale
Medfood Wholesale is a leading supplier of premium olives, nuts, dried fruits, confectionery, and antipasti. With nearly 20 years of experience, they provide authentic and quality traditional Mediterranean foods to the UK market. From a variety of olives to indulgent sweets and decadent antipasti, their products are made with the finest ingredients and innovative flair. Customers can count on their BRC AA certification for product integrity, reliable delivery, and expert customer service. Visit Medfood Wholesale for the best flavors from around the world, packaged elegantly for your table.
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United Kingdom 29 -35 North Acton Road UNIT 4 Royal London industrial Estate - London
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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