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Welcome to Torg's top pick for wholesale pickled carrots! This category offers an extensive selection of pickled carrots from b2b suppliers all over the world. From sourcing and private label opportunities to a wide range of options from Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean - Torg has you covered. Find the perfect match for your business needs with our user-friendly web application and get ready to elevate your product offerings!

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Find the perfect pickled carrots for your business! Sourcing directly from suppliers in Spain, Italy, and all over Europe through Torg's b2b marketplace. Discover wholesale prices and private label options for your next product line. Get quality, authentic Mediterranean flavors with a wide range of variations available - try spicy, sweet, or classic pickled carrots today!

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campomar nature logo
Campomar nature
Supplier of organic farming productsSpecializing in organic agricultureProducts include a variety of organic farming supplies
Other dried fruits
Pickled onions
Pickled cucumbers
Pickled carrots
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Spain - - Alacant
baltussen logo
Baltussen Conserven Factory offers a unique combination of knowledge, innovation, and a personal approach with over 150 years of experience. They specialize in sustainably preserved vegetables and fruits in glass jars without preservatives, ensuring nutrients are retained. Their wide range of products includes chickpeas, red cabbage, green beans, and applesauce in various packaging sizes. Baltussen focuses on providing healthy and sustainable food options through close collaboration with growers, emphasizing quality, flexibility, and transparency for their customers. Join Baltussen in their mission to provide delicious, healthy, and readytouse seasonal products yearround in a nononsense, ecofriendly packaging.
Canned cabbage
Fresh green beans
White cabbage
Canned cauliflower
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Netherlands . - .
Certificates: All
gandules inc. logo
Gandules inc.
Gandules Inc. ensures the highest standards to guarantee quality products in international markets. They offer a range of preserved, frozen, and fresh products sourced from their fields. With over 5 years of experience, they have exported 12,120 containers and invoiced USD 370 million to 50 destinations worldwide. Discover the best of their products at Gandules Inc.
Canned peppers
Pickled cucumbers
Frozen vegetable soups
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Peru . - .
Certificates: All
baloglu gida tarim ltd. sti. logo
Baloglu gida tarim ltd. sti.
we as Baloglu Gida tarim Ltd. one of the leading producer of canned vegetables, roasted vegetables, pepper pickles and sauces.
Canned eggplant
Pickled carrots
Canned onion
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Turkey osb, 302 cad. no : 1 Salihli - Manisa
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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