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Are you looking for quality ketchup? Look no further than Torg! We offer a wide selection of ketchup products sourced from leading vendors in Spain, Italy, Europe and other countries in the Mediterranean region. Whether you are looking for bulk ordering or private labeling, we have you covered with our extensive range of top-notch ketchup suppliers.

Capture the vibrant colors of ketchup bottles and jars in a creative way. Focus on the different shapes and sizes of these containers, as well as the variety of labels that can be found. Showcase them all together to create an interesting composition. Include elements from the Mediterranean region if possible (Spain, Italy, etc). Be sure to use b2b, supplier, sourcing, wholesale, and private label keywords throughout your image.

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Ketchup Buying Trends

  1. Rising Demand: Over the last two decades, ketchup has become a popular condiment for many culinary applications. Its widespread availability and affordability have made it a favorite among consumers of all ages. As a result, demand for ketchup has grown steadily in both the B2B and consumer markets. In recent years, the trend of private label ketchup sourcing through B2B wholesale suppliers has seen an even more significant rise in popularity as it offers customers cost savings and convenience.
  2. Regional Consumption: The European market is leading the way in global consumption of ketchup with Spain and Italy at the forefront. However, Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia have seen increased interest in this product over time as well. Other parts of Europe like Germany, France and Poland have also been known to be major contributors to ketchup consumption worldwide.