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Get a perfect dressing to make your dishes even tastier! Torg is here to provide you with the best options from top suppliers around Europe, Mediterranean and beyond. Our extensive selection of dressings covers all kinds of tastes – from vegan-friendly oils to traditional vinegars. With Torg you can be sure that you get great quality products at competitive prices.

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Supplying Quality Dressings From Around The World

  1. Spain: Spain is a country with a long history of producing quality dressings. Its unique climate and soil can help create a variety of flavourful and unique dressings for all types of cuisines. Whether it’s olive oil, mayonnaise or vinaigrette, Spanish dressings are known for their high quality and sustainability. Torg helps buyers find the best Spanish suppliers to meet their needs.
  2. Italy: Italy has a rich culinary tradition that includes many varieties of salad dressing. Italian dressing is known for its high quality, variety and use of fresh ingredients such as herbs, garlic and olive oil. Torg makes it easy for buyers to source Italian dressings in bulk from trusted suppliers while getting great deals on price and delivery times.
  3. Greece: Greece is another important source of quality dressings around the world. Greek cuisine makes use of regional ingredients like oregano, mint, basil and lemon juice to create some truly special salad dressings. Torg can help buyers source unique Greek dressings from verified suppliers at wholesale prices and short delivery times.
  4. Europe: Across Europe there are many markets that specialize in b2b wholesale sourcing of dressings from certified suppliers at great prices with fast shipping terms. With its large supplier database, Torg helps buyers find the perfect match based on location, price range or product type - making it easier than ever to get exactly what you need quickly!

Related products and categories

  1. Olive Oil: Dressing is often made with olive oil, so it makes sense to include it as a similar product. Olive oil is a good source of healthy fats and is widely used in Mediterranean cooking. It can also be used for marinades, dressings, baking and more.
  2. Paella: Paella is a traditional Spanish dish made with rice, vegetables and other ingredients such as seafood or meat. The plain rice can be dressed up with various spices and herbs to create interesting flavor combinations. It’s the perfect accompaniment to many dishes and an excellent way to add variety to any meal.
  3. Risotto: Risotto is an Italian dish that typically includes rice cooked in broth with other ingredients such as vegetables or seafood added for flavor. The creamy texture of risotto goes well with dressings and sauces, making it a great accompaniment for salads or appetizers.
  4. Vegan Beef: Vegan beef offers an alternative to traditional beef products while still providing plenty of nutrition for those who are vegan or vegetarian. This type of beef can be used in place of regular beef in salads or other dishes where dressing may be needed, since its texture mimics that of real beef while being animal friendly.
  5. Vitamin Supplements: Vitamin supplements are essential for proper health and nutrition and can often be used as part of a dressing recipe to make sure you are getting all the vitamins your body needs every day. They can also help boost your energy levels when needed and provide antioxidants which help fight off infection and disease.

Creative Uses of Dressing

  1. International Cuisine: Dressing can be used in a variety of dishes, from salads to marinades. It is a great way to add flavor and texture to any meal. For example, olive oil-based dressings are popular with Mediterranean cuisine while creamy dressings are often used in Asian dishes. B2B suppliers and wholesalers can offer a wide selection of various dressings for private label clients in Europe, Mediterranean or beyond.
  2. Restaurants & Appetizers: Dressings are also versatile condiments that can be used as dips, spreads, or sauces for appetizers or main dishes. Many restaurants use flavored oils or vinaigrettes to enhance the flavors and presentations of their dishes. Wholesale suppliers can provide businesses with great options for creating high quality products tailored specifically for their customers' preferences.
  3. Desserts & Sweets: Dressings are not just limited to savory meals; they can also be used in desserts! Salad dressings such as honey mustard or balsamic vinegars can be combined with fruits like strawberries and peaches for delightful treats. Private label suppliers offer many dressings that have unique flavors to add an extra hint of sweetness that your consumers will love!