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Looking for high-quality canned sprouts to add to your product line? Look no further than Torg! Our marketplace connects buyers with top suppliers from Spain, Italy, and all over Europe. Whether you need private label options or want to source directly from a trusted supplier, we have you covered. With an extensive selection of products and easy-to-use request system, Torg makes it simple to find the perfect canned sprouts for your business needs. Browse our listings today and start filling your shelves with the freshest, most delicious sprouts on the market!

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A selection of canned sprouts with various packaging and backgrounds including a Mediterranean-inspired image with a bowl of risotto using canned sprouts, a simple white background with stacked cans of canned sprouts, and an image of a woman holding up a can of canned sprouts in the kitchen. All images showcase Torg's b2b wholesale sourcing capabilities for high quality, private label canned sprouts from Spain and Italy.

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Leasa Industries Co., Inc. logo
Leasa industries co., inc.
Leasa Industries Co., Inc. offers a wide variety of products including bean sprouts, specialty sprouts, fresh cut vegetables, and a famous soy line. Their products range from stir fry vegetable mix to caramelized shallots, each designed to add delicious flavor and nutrition to your meals. Explore their nutrient-packed broccoli sprouts, crisp alfalfa sprouts, and delightful bean sprouts to elevate your salads, sandwiches, and Asian-inspired dishes. Enhance your cooking with their premium stir-fry mix and rich pearl onions shallots. Leasa is dedicated to providing high-quality products that not only taste great but also nourish your body and mind. Join them on a culinary exploration today!
Fresh mixed vegetables
Fresh vegetables
Alfalfa sprouts
Fresh alfalfa sprouts
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USA 2450 NW 76th Street - Miami
Certificates: All
Ingle's Dawndew Salad Limited logo
Ingle's dawndew salad limited
Ingle's Dawndew Salad specializes in growing, washing, and packing a variety of niche salad products for the sandwich, food service, and retail industries. With over 100 years of horticultural growing experience, they offer salad cress, pea shoots, micro leaves, watercress, edible flowers, and bean sprouts. Their focus on food safety and sustainability is reflected in their BRC accreditation, ensuring high-quality products. Customers can enjoy a diverse range of fresh and locally sourced salad items, perfect for supermarkets, sandwich manufacturers, and food service wholesale markets. No data
Salads with meat
Salads with fish
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United Kingdom Fouldrey Avenue - Poulton -Le -Fylde
Certificates: All
VIVO Srl Società Agricola logo
Vivo srl società agricola
Vivo Germogli offers a wide range of organic and conventional sprouts, providing a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins for your well-being. Their fresh and nutrient-rich sprouts are perfect ingredients for salads, soups, and main dishes. With over 50 varieties to choose from, including pea shoots, red cabbage, and lentil mix, Vivo Germogli is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through natural, Italian-grown products. Contact them for more information on where to find their products locally.
Canned sprouts
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Italy Via Cervese, 3485 - Cesena (FC)
Certificates: All
Van der Kroon Food Products BV logo
Van der kroon food products bv
Kroon Food specializes in processing a variety of fresh vegetables into delicious pickled products, such as gherkins, beets, and cucumbers, for generations. They offer these products in various packaging options like plastic, glass, and cans, including private label options. With a mix of tantalizing flavors, top-quality fresh veggies, and years of experience, Kroon Food creates a culinary delight for your table. Their commitment to sustainability and using the best ingredients sets them apart in the industry. Boost your dishes with their innovative relishes and explore their range of customized products for retail and food service. Embrace the uniqueness of their tafelzuren and let your taste buds revel in the quality and freshness of Kroon Food's offerings.
White cabbage
Canned corn
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Netherlands Van Konijnenburgweg 139 - Bergen op Zoom
Certificates: All

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