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Are you looking for quality canned poultry products? Look no further than Torg. Our marketplace provides a comprehensive selection of the finest canned poultry products from top suppliers all around the world. Whether you are looking for individual items or bulk orders, we can provide you with exactly what you need at competitive prices. With our easy-to-use search engine and detailed product information, finding the perfect canned poultry product has never been so simple!

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Packaging Options

  1. Standard sized cans: Canned poultry products typically come in cans of varying sizes. Buyers can choose from a range of standard sizes, such as 12 ounces, 15 ounces, 24 ounces, etc. Additionally, private label suppliers are able to offer customized solutions for buyers’ specific packaging needs. Furthermore, the use of bulk containers or “super packs” is often an option when it comes to b2b canned poultry sourcing and wholesale supply.
  2. Retail ready trays/cases: An additional way to package canned poultry products is through retail ready trays or display cases. This type of packaging helps ensure that the product stands out on store shelves and allows for easy handling by buyers. Private label suppliers often offer custom designs and labeling as well as convenient stacking capabilities with this type of packaging solution.
  3. Palletized boxes: When it comes to shipping large volumes of canned poultry products overseas, palletized boxes are often the best option due to their size and durability. These boxes usually contain multiple cans per layer and provide better protection during transport than smaller packages like individual cans or retail trays/cases. In addition, warehouses benefit from the uniformity offered by palletized boxes in terms of storage space optimization as well as easier handling when loading trucks for delivery.

The Challenges of Canned Poultry Supply Chains

  1. Product Quality & Safety Concerns: Recent years have seen an increase in the number of supply chain issues related to canned poultry products. This includes product recalls, quality control issues, and food safety violations. Companies must ensure that their suppliers are meeting stringent standards for both production and packing processes in order to meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, recent outbreaks of avian flu have led to a decrease in the number of available sources for canned poultry items, which can create supply shortages or higher prices due to increased demand.
  2. Contamination & Cross-Contamination Issues: Another challenge faced by those dealing with canned poultry supplies is the issue of contamination from animal disease or bacteria. While most companies take the utmost care when processing and transporting their products, there are still opportunities for cross-contamination from other food sources. In addition, some locations may lack adequate refrigeration or storage facilities to keep these types of products safe during transit times. This can lead to spoilage or even contamination by other harmful organisms such as salmonella.
  3. Environmental Impact: Along with addressing issues related directly to product safety and quality, companies involved in canned poultry supplies must also be aware of the environmental effects associated with sourcing and production. The farming methods used for many poultry products can cause environmental damage such as air pollution, water contamination and soil erosion if not properly managed. Additionally, long distance transportation between countries can produce significant amounts of carbon emissions that can contribute to global warming.

Related products and categories

  1. Canned Chicken: Canned chicken is a popular type of poultry that is prepared in a variety of ways. It is typically canned with a broth or in water to preserve its flavor and texture. This product can be used as an ingredient for salads, sandwiches, soups, casseroles and other dishes. It can also be served as a main dish alongside various side dishes such as mashed potatoes or rice.
  2. Canned Turkey: Canned turkey is another popular type of poultry that is widely available in both canned and frozen forms. It has a mild flavor that makes it ideal for use in sandwiches, salads and casseroles. Additionally, it can be cooked into soups or used to stuff pastries and other foods for extra protein and flavor.
  3. Frozen Poultry: Frozen poultry provides an alternative to canned poultry for those who prefer not to buy pre-cooked products from the store. Frozen poultry products come in several varieties like chicken breasts, wings, thighs, drumsticks, etc., allowing users to choose exactly what they need for their meal preparation needs. The main advantage of buying frozen poultry is that it retains better moisture content than canned varieties since it has not been cooked prior to freezing.
  4. Organic Poultry: Organic poultry offers an alternative option for those looking for more natural sources of protein in their diets. All organic poultry must meet high standards set by the USDA before being certified as organic. These standards include providing birds with access to the outdoors; using only organic feed; avoiding all synthetic chemicals; and raising birds without antibiotics or hormones among other requirements. By choosing organic poultry, consumers are able to enjoy high quality protein without having to worry about any potentially harmful ingredients or methods used in production processes.
  5. Smoked Poultry: Smoked poultry is another great way to diversify one's diet by adding unique flavors and textures to meals featuring this versatile product category. The smoking process allows delicious marinades from herbs and spices like rosemary, garlic powder or paprika penetrate the meat resulting in juicy meat full of smoky aromas perfect for pairing with different sides like vegetables or starches such as potatoes or noodles.