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Are you looking for reliable suppliers of Canned Oranges? Look no further than Torg, your one-stop shop for fresh, quality canned oranges sourced from around Europe and the Mediterranean. With our secure B2B marketplace, finding a private label supplier or wholesaler for your business is quick and easy. Browse through our extensive selection of products and start building relationships with trusted vendors today!

Capture a vibrant shot of a bowl overflowing with freshly-cut oranges from the Mediterranean region, surrounded by cans ready to be shipped worldwide. Include ingredients labels and/or packaging designs in the photo as well, to emphasize the b2b sourcing capabilities of Torg.

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  1. Canned Mandarin Oranges: Canned Mandarin Oranges are similar to Canned Oranges in that they both offer a convenient and versatile way to get a burst of citrus flavor into recipes. They differ from each other in that Canned Mandarin Oranges have a sweeter, less acidic taste than their traditional orange counterparts.
  2. Dried Orange Peel: Dried Orange Peel is similar to Canned Orange in that they both provide an easy and effortless way to add a zesty citrus note to dishes. However, Dried Orange Peel has the advantage of being more concentrated in flavor and can be used for longer periods of time due to its dry nature.
  3. Orange Juice Concentrate: Orange Juice Concentrate is similar to Canned Orange in that they both provide an easy way to include citrus flavors into recipes without having to buy or prepare multiple fruits. However, the concentrate form offers the advantage of being able to use smaller amounts while still getting the same intense flavor as fresh oranges.
  4. Citrus Syrups: Citrus Syrups are similar to Canned Oranges in that they both offer an easy and convenient way of adding sweet and tart notes into dishes such as desserts, cocktails, marinades, sauces and glazes. Unlike canned oranges however, syrups come already pre-sweetened making them ideal for those who want an instantly sweet boost without having to deal with sugar themselves.
  5. Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice:

Creative Uses for Canned Orange

  1. Sweet Treats & Savoury Dishes: Canned orange can be used to make a delicious and refreshing sorbet. Perfect for summer days, simply blend together a few cans of orange with some sugar, lemon juice and ice to make a fantastic treat. Additionally, canned orange is great for making cakes or muffins. Simply add it to the batter and enjoy the citrusy flavour in your baked goods. Finally, canned oranges are an excellent addition to any salad or savoury dish. Add it into a mix of vegetables for added colour and flavour!
  2. Drinks & Desserts: Restaurants, cafes and bars alike can all benefit from using canned oranges in their menus. Add some diced orange into cocktails or mocktails for added zest, as well as creating interesting sauces or marinades by combining with other ingredients like honey or balsamic vinegar – perfect for grilling fish! Alternatively, consider adding some slices of orange on top of desserts along with a sprig of mint leaves - looks amazing and tastes even better!
  3. : Companies who specialize in private label production may find that canned oranges are an ideal ingredient choice when creating new products. For instance, companies could make their own branded jams, chutneys or compotes which just require heating up the canned oranges along with sugar and other spices like cinnamon or ginger before bottling up the result - perfect for selling at local farmers markets! Additionally, energy drinks or smoothies powered by real fruits such as canned oranges would be sure to stand out from the crowd alongside more traditional beverages.

Sales Trends For Canned Oranges

  1. Rising Demand: Over the last few decades, demand for canned orange products has been steadily increasing. According to market research, this is due to rising health consciousness and a growing interest in convenience foods. In particular, private label brands have seen a surge in popularity as they offer competitive prices without sacrificing on quality. Additionally, b2b suppliers are increasingly sourcing their goods from countries such as Spain and Italy due to the abundance of natural ingredients found throughout the Mediterranean region.
  2. Increasing Bulk Orders: As more companies are looking to buy large quantities of canned oranges at wholesale prices, there’s been an uptick in sales over the past few years. Torg offers a great selection of bulk orders with flexible payment options that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. This has made it easier for buyers to find reliable and affordable suppliers in Europe and beyond.