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Torg is the right place to source the best canned olives for your business. With our large selection of top-notch suppliers and products from all over Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean, you can find exactly what you need to create a great product that meets all demands. We offer both private label and bulk options and will make sure you get the best value for your money.

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Packaging Options

  1. : Glass jars are a popular and reusable packaging option for canned olives. The glass jar is both practical, easy to store and can add a touch of luxury to the product. It's common for business buyers in the food industry to purchase canned olives in bulk with this packaging option, as it is sturdy and long lasting. Additionally, many B2B suppliers offer private label glass jar options which can be customized with logos or other designs
  2. Glass Jar:
  3. : Cans are also a popular choice when it comes to canned olives. This type of packaging makes it easy for businesses to transport and store products without fear of damage or leakage. Also, cans are a great way for suppliers who offer private labeling services because they are easily customizable with logos or other designs.
  4. Can:
  5. : Plastic bags provide flexibility when it comes to packing up canned olives since they come in various sizes. They also make it easier for transportation due to their lightweight and resealable features. Plastic bags are suitable for B2B buyers who need to source larger quantities of food products such as canned olives in an efficient way.
  6. Plastic Bag:
  7. : Bulk boxes are ideal for b2b buyers looking to purchase large amounts of canned olives at once from various suppliers around the world. The bulk box provides protection from any damage that may occur while transporting the product and offers stackability which allows buyers more space efficiency when storing their purchased items onsite.
  8. Bulk Box:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of canned olives does Torg offer?

Canned olives are an important component in many food products and cuisines around the world, and if you're looking for a reliable supplier of these goods, Torg can help. With its comprehensive database of suppliers, Torg offers access to hundreds of different canned olive options from all over the Mediterranean region and Europe.

Is Torg suitable for sourcing bulk orders or private labeling?

If you’re looking to source canned olives in bulk or even private label the product for your own business, then Torg is ideal. With its vast selection of suppliers from all around Europe and the Mediterranean region, you can find exactly what suits your needs – whether it’s price point or quality.

Does Torg offer competitive prices on bulk orders?

Yes! Through its network of b2b suppliers, Torg ensures that buyers get access to both quality and quantity when purchasing canned olives. Buyers have access to competitive prices, as well as other features like sampling that can help in making informed decisions about their purchasing decisions.

Can I find quality canned olives at affordable prices with Torg?

Absolutely! With careful navigation through its vast selection of suppliers – including producers from Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe - buyers can find exactly what they need at the right price point. Additionally, with its built-in features like sampling customers have full control over their buying process.

Has Torg been helping customers source food products for a while now?

Yes! Ever since its launch in 2020, Torg has been helping customers from all over the world source quality food products quickly and easily. Its user friendly web application makes it easy to browse through thousands of different options from various categories - including canned olives - while having full control over pricing, shipping costs and other variables when purchasing online.