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Welcome to Torg's Canned Legumes category page! We offer an extensive selection of high-quality b2b canned legumes products from trusted suppliers in Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe. Whether you're looking for wholesale options, private label opportunities or sourcing specific products, Torg has got you covered. Our user-friendly web application allows buyers to easily browse and request quotes from a variety of suppliers. With our wide range of affordable and nutrient-rich legumes such as beans, chickpeas, lentils and more, we are ready to cater to the needs of your business. Start exploring now and discover the endless possibilities with Torg's canned legumes category!

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Organic Canned Legumes from the Mediterranean - Stock up your kitchen with premium quality canned legumes, sourced directly from trusted organic suppliers in Spain and Italy. Perfect for wholesalers and private label brands looking to add authentic Mediterranean flavor to their products. Try our delicious range of chickpeas, lentils, beans and more! Featuring 2-3 variations of our colorful packaging.

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attianese spa logo
Attianese spa
Since 1925, Attianese has been bringing the love for their land and passion for its flavors to your tables. They offer a variety of products including canned tomatoes, legumes, and organic options. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction is evident in their constant monitoring of products, use of certified management systems, and dedication to providing accurate information. Attianese values tradition while using modern techniques to maintain the genuine taste and fragrance of their products. With over 90 years of experience, they ensure topnotch quality and safety in all their offerings.
Canned tomato puree
Canned tomatoes
Peeled tomatoes
Pizza sauce
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Italy . - .
Certificates: All
attianese conserve logo
Attianese conserve
Since 1925, Attianese brings the love for their land and passion for its flavors to your table. They offer a variety of highquality canned tomatoes, legumes, and organic products. With a commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Attianese ensures that only the best ingredients and technology are used in their production. Choose Attianese for a taste of tradition and authenticity in every bite.
Canned vegetables
Tomatoes pies
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Certificates: All
Giaguaro S.p.A. logo
Giaguaro s.p.a.
Giaguaro Industria Conserve Alimentari offers high-quality food products for a healthy and flavorful diet. Established in 1978, they are a leading Italian company in the processing and marketing of canned tomato products. They prioritize quality and safety, catering to both European and international markets as a distributor brand. Their focus on selecting top raw materials, technological innovation, and ethical working conditions ensures a safe and delicious eating experience. With a range of products like peeled tomatoes, tomato pulp, and canned legumes, Giaguaro Industria Conserve Alimentari is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for safe and enjoyable food options. Their commitment to their employees, suppliers, and shared goals underscores their dedication to excellence in the industry.
Canned tomato pulp
Canned tomato paste
Canned tomatoes
Canned tomato sauce
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Italy Zona ASI Località Pascarola - Caivano (NA)
Certificates: All
denimeks logo
Denimeks Food Industry. Trade Ltd. Sti. was established in Gaziantep in 1991 by Mahmut YILDIRIM with its innovative production and ethical quality understanding. Denimeks is an organization that continues its activities with the aim of becoming a global player in the production and export of canned and agricultural products with its dynamic human resources. Since Denimeks Gıda made its first export to Denmark, the name of the company was formed from the abbreviations of the words Denmark-Import-Export. Denimeks, which produced only capers in its early years, has started to produce leaf wrap, hummus, and boiled group since the early 2000s; In the mid-2000s, it offered its customers dried tomato, mubbel, hummus with jalapeno, and in recent years, chicken salami, dry beans and tahini sauce. Jawhara,Larina, by Denimeks Our company aims to serve our customers with ethical quality and innovative approach with 18 different products and 29 years of experience in 32 different countries of the world, with certificates that have a voice in the international arena such as BRC Food, Sedex, ISO14001. To this end; In addition to its existing production facilities, it is the pioneer of the era with its facility, which was founded on a 3000 m2 area by using advanced production technologies, the foundations of which were laid in 2018. By starting production in the new facility in the first months of 2020, it is aimed to increase employee and customer satisfaction by combining 29 years of experience with qualified personnel, producing a wide range of products at international standards in modern production facilities.
Dried tomatoes
Dried chickpeas
Canned legumes
Dried beans
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Turkey Bedirkoy Mah. Yavuzeli Cad. No: 189 - Gaziantep
Certificates: All

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