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Supply Chain Issues in Canned Jicama

  1. Food Waste: According to the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations, approximately one-third of all the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. This is an issue that has been affecting canned jicama. In order to prevent this waste, proper storage methods should be implemented so that it can preserve its freshness for a longer period of time.
  2. Transportation Costs: The cost of transportation plays a huge role when it comes to delivering canned jicama from suppliers to buyers. Long distances can increase the price significantly due to rising fuel costs and other related expenses. It is important for suppliers and buyers to consider these factors when negotiating prices and terms.
  3. Traceability & Transparency: Due to a lack of traceability and transparency, there have been cases where low quality canned jicama products have reached consumers. This problem is further exacerbated by illegal jicama traders who are taking advantage of the current situation. To combat this issue, governments should work with industry partners on establishing stricter standards and regulations that will ensure safety and quality control throughout the entire supply chain process.

Packaging Options

  1. Canned: Canned jicama is a great option for buyers looking to purchase large quantities of the product as it is typically cheaper than fresh jicama. The canned variety can be stored for longer periods of time without losing its freshness and flavor, making it an ideal choice for B2B buyers who need to source in bulk.
  2. Frozen: Frozen Jicama is another popular option for B2B buyers when sourcing large quantities because it has a longer shelf life than fresh or canned varieties. It also helps maintain the nutrient content of the product and prevents waste. This packaging type is especially useful for those looking for private label products due to its convenience, cost savings and long shelf life.
  3. Bulk: Bulk packaging of jicama is an excellent choice for b2b buyers who want to save money while purchasing large amounts of the product. Bulk packaging provides both cost savings and convenience by reducing time spent on handling individual packages or cans. It also reduces food waste since it's easier to store larger quantities at once.

Finding the Finest Canned Jicama from Around the World

  1. Spain: Spain is a country in Southern Europe that has an incredibly long history of producing canned jicama. This unique product originates from the Mediterranean region and is known for its distinct earthy flavor, juicy texture, and high water content. In particular, Spanish suppliers are renowned for their private label canned jicama products with intricate recipes and flavors. Torg can help you navigate this complex supplier landscape to find the best options that meet your needs.
  2. Italy: Italy is a major food producer in Europe and it's no surprise that Italian suppliers offer a wide range of canned jicama products. With its rich culinary heritage, Italian products have a great reputation for quality and flavor. From traditional recipes like risotto to innovative new takes on canned jicama, there are plenty of options available on Torg. We'll make sourcing these products easier so you can focus on other aspects of your business!
  3. Morocco: Morocco has rapidly become one of the main global producers and exporters of canned jicama due to its fertile soils and ideal climate conditions. Moroccan suppliers specialize in private label production with unique blends that appeal to different tastes around the world. Torg makes it easy to source these premium canned jicama products by connecting buyers with reliable local suppliers ready to serve them at competitive prices.
  4. Greece: Greece has a long tradition when it comes to producing all kinds of food items, including canned jicama. Greek suppliers specialize in offering unique flavors that come from traditional recipes which still hold true today despite Greek cuisine having evolved over time. Buyers from all over Europe have used Torg as their go-to platform for finding top quality Greek canned jicama at reasonable prices thanks to our extensive network of trusted suppliers across the country!