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Recent Supply Chain Issues Affecting Canned Blueberries

  1. Climate Change: In the early 2000s, blueberry shortages due to drought and heat stress led to higher prices for canned blueberries. This prompted many suppliers to switch to frozen or dried options, causing some of the demand for canned blueberries to decline.
  2. Labor Shortage: A lack of labor availability in Spain has also caused issues with supply chain for canned blueberries in recent years. With fewer people available to pick and process the crop, it can be harder for producers to keep up with demand. This often leads to higher prices and less selection for customers.
  3. Imported Products: Many suppliers also rely on imports from other countries such as Mexico or Chile when they experience a shortage of canned blueberries domestically. However, these imports may come at a premium price, which can make them more expensive than local products. Additionally, different regulations between countries can cause delays in shipments that could further impact the supply chain of canned blueberries.

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is a great solution for large scale orders as it can reduce cost and storage space for buyers. This type of packaging is typically seen in wholesale markets as it provides convenience to both the supplier and buyer. Bulk packaging can also help suppliers meet any special requirements from their b2b customers, such as private labeling or custom branding.
  2. Cans: Cans are widely used for preserving food and other items due to their air-tightness, durability, and portability. They are an ideal choice for canned blueberries, providing an effective way to store fruits while maintaining its freshness and quality even after long periods of time. Furthermore, cans come with various sizes which makes them suitable for multiple types of orders from small scale retail purchases to large volume b2b orders.
  3. Carton Boxes: Carton boxes are often used when shipping goods in bulk or single packages due to their lightweight yet strong build, making them an easy transportation option that can withstand wear and tear during transit. For canned blueberries specifically, carton boxes are suitable for product delivery as they provide protection against heat, dust, moisture or any other form of damage that might occur during delivery. Additionally they come with various customizable options like printing on them which makes them perfect for private labelling purposes too!

Creative Uses of Canned Blueberries

  1. Smoothies & Shakes: Canned blueberries are an excellent addition to smoothies and milkshakes. They can provide a nutritious boost to your favourite recipes while also adding flavour and colour! Adding canned blueberries in smoothies or shakes is a great way to add extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your daily diet. Plus, they’re a great source of fibre too!
  2. Pancakes Topping: Canned blueberries make for an easy topping for pancakes, waffles or french toast. Whether it’s a quick breakfast before work or the traditional Sunday morning family breakfast, these simple ingredients can add some extra zing to those sweet dishes. And as an added bonus, you'll have a serving of fruit with every bite!
  3. Desserts: When it comes to desserts, look no further than canned blueberries. With its sweet taste and juicy texture, these little berries make for some scrumptious treats that everyone will love. From cobblers and pies to tarts and cheesecakes - there's nothing quite like canned blueberry desserts!