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A long story We are based in the Tuscia region, one of Italy’s most unspoiled countryside areas near Viterbo bordering Tuscany, Umbria and the greater area of Rome. Our company has been producing tasty organic spreads for more than 60 years. Our family tradition dates back to the Sixties, when our grandfather began to cultivate a few hectares of hazelnut trees on the slopes of the Monti Cimini mountains and bought the first shelling machine, and it continues nowadays with the creation of our Deanocciola brand. Ever since, Deanocciola takes care to manufacture clean label and specializes in spreads which can be enjoyed by people with food intolerances. This choice to innovate and to always try to anticipate the exigencies of the consumers has been successful. Today, Deanocciola has grown to a benchmark in the Market of organic and vegan spreads. Day by day, it is our goal to work with care using strictly selected organic raw materials, to respect the environment and the tradition and to create gorgeous quality spreads. Private Label products We are a leading manufacturer of Private Label products and we can create and replicate customized recipes understanding and meeting the needs of all our customers. Our company has been producing tasty organic spreads for Italian and international most prestigious food brands, GDO and HORECA channels for over 60 years. We can offer high quality hazelnut and chocolate spreads with and without milk, pure nut and pure seed butters and offer semifinished products for confectionary, bakery and ice-cream industries.
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Italy Loc. la Valle snc - Gallese (VT)
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Products: Bread, baked goods and spreads Spreads Nut/nougat spreads Peanut butter Other spreads Glutenfree baked goods Gluten-free baking mixes Delicatessen products, gourmet food and staple food Delicatessen sauces and seasonings Tomato paste, concentrate and puree Herbs and spices Dried fruit and vegetables Dried fruit Dates Nuts Almonds Pistachio nuts Kernels Product sector: Fine Food Trend subjects: Convenience & Snacking Gourmet & Specialty Food Organic products Plant-Based Proteins or Food (vegetarian, vegan) Sustainably Produced or Packed Target and outlet markets: Australia North Africa Northern Europe Others Central America Others Eastern Europe Others South America USA
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Germany Rosenthaler str 13 - Berlin
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Agricola knelsen sa
We are a clearly differentiated family business, committed to quality and continuous improvement. We have been producing our own raw materials since June 2012, and we have experience in the commercialization of Chia since 2013. We are present in the entire process of crop development. From planting to export, we control and analyze all points of the process through internal control procedures and external quality, achieving complete traceability of each batch.
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Paraguay - - Col Río Verde
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WHO WE ARE Bredabest is a full-service processing company specializing in high quality peanut- and nut-based products. We believe in the healthy power of nuts and peanuts and the place they have in any healthy diet. We have full control of our supply-chain and can guarantee the best quality from farm to table. FROM NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TO PRIVATE LABEL OFFERINGS At Bredabest we are continuously finding innovative Retail Solutions for strong Consumer Brands and Private Label Retailers. Ranging from exciting flavor combinations and seasonal specials to new product concepts and innovative packaging. THE POWER OF NUTS AND PEANUTS. NUTS AND PEANUTS ARE RAPIDLY BECOMING THE NEW SUPER-FOOD. AND BREDABEST IS YOUR BEST PARTNER FOR INNOVATIVE NUT BUTTERS THAT FIT IN ANY DIET. Bredabest has recognized the power of high quality nuts and peanuts and has developed a wide variety of Peanut Butters and Nut Butters. From the classic USA style Peanut Butter to functional versions with added Fibres, Protein and Good Fats. Even Seasonal Specials and Nut Blends. In particular All Natural Peanut & Nut Butters are on the rise. In line with popular food trends that promote clean label foods and healthy ingredients. We can offer a range of clean, great tasting Nut Butters free from Palm Oil, salt and other added ingredients. (PEA)NUT BUTTERS FOR ANY LIFESTYLE FROM CONVENTIONAL (USA STYLE) TO ORGANIC. MUCH IS POSSIBLE. We produce nut butters in all varieties. From the classic smooth Peanut Butter everybody loves to super-crunchy version for a real special texture. For our Organic nut butters we use nuts and peanuts sourced from trusted Organic suppliers worldwide. TEST KITCHEN & PILOT PLANT WE HAVE THE BEST TAILOR-MADE PEANUT AND NUT BUTTERS. FURTHERMORE WE CAN CREATE ALMOST ANY FLAVOR VERSION YOU DESIRE. 2019 marked the year of major expansions at Bredabest. We opened our totally new Test Kitchen and Pilot Plant where we work together with clients to find the perfect blend of Nuts, Peanuts and other ingredients. FLAVOUR COMBINATIONS For innovative new takes on Nut Butters or Holiday Specials, we can offer you a wide range of possibilities. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES (MOQ) To offer you the best quality and services we have a MOQ of more than 5.000 units.
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Netherlands Elftweg 27 - Raamsdonksveer

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