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Welcome to Torg's Chocolate Cake category page! Here you can find a wide selection of top-quality chocolate cakes from reputable suppliers in Spain, Italy, and other European regions. Our b2b marketplace offers a convenient way for businesses to source products efficiently and at competitive prices. With Torg, you can easily connect with private label suppliers, compare quotes, and purchase wholesale quantities. Whether you're looking for traditional chocolate cake or unique variations like vegan chocolate cake, we have it all. Browse our database now and start sourcing the best chocolate cakes for your business!

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Capture the rich and decadent flavors of Europe with our delicious chocolate cake. Use fresh ingredients from our b2b suppliers in Spain and Italy to create a delectable dessert that will impress your customers. Show off your private label brand with a beautiful presentation that will have everyone craving more. Perfect for cafes, bakeries, or restaurants looking to add a touch of Mediterranean charm to their menu.

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bifa bisküvi ve gıda san. a.ş. logo
Bifa bisküvi ve gıda san. a.ş.
Confectionery manufacturer and exporter since 1962.
Chocolate and sugar goods
Chocolate cake
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Turkey Pirireis Mah. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Bulvarı No:75 - karaman
ruf logo
Bringing you tasty treats since 1920 Variety and the best quality The idea that Clemens Rump and Hubert Flerlage came up with almost 100 years ago is still the guiding principle behind our company today: "quality products at an affordable price for kids and grown-ups." This is our foundation as we continue to define what RUF is all about. With both new and tried-and-tested products, we offer you, your family and friends desserts and baking products ideal for every household – from a quick breakfast porridge and baking mix with rainbow sprinkles for the kids to an instant cream dessert you can whip up with milk. With our products, we want to help you whip up tasty creations in an instant. When it comes to our recipes and the ingredients we use, we never compromise. We only use the highest-quality raw materials for our products and work closely with our suppliers when procuring raw materials. Tracing our products What began on a small scale when the company was first founded has now become a massive undertaking. Yet for us, the desire to trace raw materials and packaging resources has grown along with the company. For us, this means added certainty, allowing us to guarantee you the highest possible quality. Through close links with our suppliers, we are able to trace every product from the procurement of raw materials throughout the entire manufacturing process all the way to the product making its way into stores.
Chocolate cake
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Germany Oldenburger Straße 1 - Quakenbråuck
Certificates: All
aerzener brot und kuchen gmbh logo
Aerzener brot und kuchen gmbh
Aerzener is an own brand and private label supplier that efficiently produces whole grain products, especially in the discount segment. In modern bread production, only natural sourdough from the company's own production is used. Our breads: naturally without preservatives or additives. The versatile range of frozen cakes from Aerzener is suitable to satisfy the needs of the wellness type, convenience type or health type. The product groups consist of classic premium slab cakes, juicy confectionery-style sour cream fruit slices and cake pieces from the low-calorie segment. Our cakes: baked in the confectioner's style. A low complaint rate for inexpensive wholemeal bread and frozen cake slices indicates good production quality. Since 2006 we have also been producing under the umbrella brand natreen, a special brand for low-calorie foods.
Plum cakes
Raspberries sponge cake
Frozen pancakes
Chocolate cake
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Germany Reherweg 57 - Aerzen
Certificates: All
Medi Ozel Gida Sanayi Ve Tiaret A S logo
Medi ozel gida sanayi ve tiaret a s
Medi Fine Foods, part of the Titiz Agro Group since 1981, is at the heart of agriculture in Turkey. Specializing in food production, this Aegean company brings the unique Mediterranean culture directly to your table.
Chocolate bar
Chocolate tiramisu
Coffee tiramisu
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Turkey Akalan Koyu Mevkll 35170 - Kemalpasa/Izmir
Certificates: All

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