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Are you looking for a reliable supplier of high quality and affordable baked goods? Look no further than Torg! We are an online marketplace that offers a wide selection of prepared food items from all over the world. Our products are perfect for restaurants, catering services, bakeries and other businesses alike. With our top-notch suppliers and vast selection of products, we can guarantee you’ll find what you need!

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Related products and categories

  1. Breads: Breads are a type of baked good, typically made from wheat flour, water and yeast. They can also include other ingredients such as sugar, milk, butter, eggs and salt. Common bread types include white bread, rye bread, wheat bread and sourdough. Many bakeries offer a variety of these types of bread for both commercial and private label production.
  2. Cakes: Cakes are another type of baked good that often contain flour, sugar, butter or oil, eggs and flavoring agents such as cocoa powder or extracts. Cakes vary greatly in size from small cupcakes to large layer cakes and can be decorated with frosting or fondant for special occasions. B2B suppliers offer large scale cake production for wholesale customers.
  3. Pastries: Pastries are yet another type of baked good produced usually with flaky dough which is then filled with fruits or creams. Pastry varieties range from simple pies to more elaborate tarts and turnovers. Popular pastries include croissants, Danishes and puff pastry products such as éclairs or Napoleons. Suppliers specializing in b2b sourcing can provide private label pastries to global buyers.
  4. Cookies: Cookies are small desserts that come in many shapes and flavors including chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies and macaroons. They can also be filled with jams or jellies for added flavor profiles. Companies looking for suppliers to supply their own brand of cookies can find reliable sources through Torg's extensive database of b2b providers in Europe and the Mediterranean region.
  5. Crackers: Crackers are savory snacks made from dough which is rolled out very thin before baking it into thin crisp sheets (also known as crackers). Common types of crackers include cheese flavored ones but many variations exist depending on the geographic location where they were created (such as Italian grissini). Wholesale buyers looking to source these items need look no further than Torg's extensive selection of suppliers offering quality products at competitive prices

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is an efficient and cost-effective way for b2b buyers to source large quantities of baked goods from suppliers. Bulk packing usually involves the use of large plastic bags, cardboard boxes or cartons which are often branded with the supplier’s logo and name. This type of packaging also helps preserve the quality and freshness of the product while keeping costs down.
  2. Private Label Packaging: Private label packaging is a great option for b2b buyers looking to add an extra layer of professionalism to their products. This type of packaging offers a customized look, often including logos, colours, and other branding elements that help create a more memorable customer experience. Private label packaging can also be used to keep costs down by ordering in bulk and having it shipped directly from the supplier.
  3. Customized Packaging: Customized packaging is becoming increasingly popular among b2b buyers as it allows them to stand out from competitors when sourcing their products. With custom printed boxes or bags, buyers can add a personal touch which not only looks professional but can also provide additional information about the product such as ingredients or nutritional information.

  1. Increased Demand for Baked Goods: In the past few decades, there has been a notable increased demand for baked goods in the B2B market. This is largely due to the rise of veganism and health-conscious diets worldwide, as well as the trend of private label products becoming more popular with suppliers. This surge in demand has been particularly pronounced in Europe, Mediterranean countries and in particular Spain where bakers have responded quickly to customer demands by introducing new recipes and products.
  2. International Sourcing: As technology advances, global trade has become increasingly easier and cost effective, leading to an increase in international sourcing of various types of baking supplies such as flour, sugar, fruits and nuts. Suppliers are now able to source these items from around the world at competitive prices leading to a decrease in costs for buyers who can purchase these items wholesale or through private labeling.