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Whether you need to stock up on some delicious Baguette for your restaurant, or start a private label business - Torg is the place to look! With a large selection of Baguette suppliers from all over Europe and Mediterranea, we guarantee you'll find the right product at the best price. Get quotes fast and easy today with our user-friendly web application.

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Packaging Options

  1. Bags: Bags are the most common and popular packaging option for b2b buyers, especially for smaller orders. They are lightweight, cost effective and can be sealed to preserve freshness. Bags also have a large imprint area for adding company logos or branding images, which makes them ideal for private label products.
  2. Boxes: Boxes are great when it comes to transporting products over long distances. They offer more cushioning than bags and protect the product from external elements like moisture, dust, and sunlight. Plus they look great and come in many eye-catching designs perfect for impressing potential customers.
  3. Pouches: Pouches are an economical choice that offer convenience as well as being easy to transport. They’re usually airtight making them suitable for food products with a long shelf life such as nuts or dried fruits.
  4. Jars: Jars are perfect for storing liquid goods such as sauces or olive oil while giving them a professional look perfect for private labeling. The lids on jars provide added protection against leakage and contamination while maintaining freshness of the product inside.

  1. Global Demand Growth: Over the last two decades, there has been a steady rise in demand for Baguettes globally as people are looking for an easy and nutritious snack. The European market is especially strong, with countries like France and Italy being major producers of Baguettes. In Europe, the trend towards natural ingredients means the demand for fresh Baguettes made with high-quality flour and other premium ingredients is surging. Additionally, more customers are also looking for private label or customised Baguettes to fit their specific needs.
  2. Rise of Online Marketplaces: With many businesses now shifting away from traditional sources of food sourcing, Torg’s b2b marketplace is increasingly becoming a popular choice due to its ease of access to international suppliers who offer quality products at competitive prices. Furthermore, customers can also benefit from shorter lead times when sourcing Baguettes through Torg’s platform as it eliminates the need to dealing directly with multiple suppliers across different countries.

Related products and categories

  1. French Bread: Baguette is a type of French Bread. The main difference between baguette and other types is its shape - it's long, thin and crusty on the outside. It can be used for sandwiches or as a side dish, making it an excellent alternative to baguettes for b2b buyers looking to source food products from suppliers in France or elsewhere in Europe.
  2. Ciabatta: Ciabatta is another type of Italian bread that shares similarities with the classic French baguette. It's light and airy inside while having a crisp crust with some crunchiness. Perfect for snacks, sandwiches, and salads, ciabatta bread makes an ideal b2b sourcing option for suppliers looking to provide wholesales orders or private label ingredients from Italy.
  3. Focaccia: Focaccia is another type of Italian flatbread which also has similarities with classic French baguettes. It's usually thicker than a baguette and has some texture due to its dimpled surface. Focaccia can be enjoyed warm or cold and works well as part of a Mediterranean meal or snack platter, making it an interesting option for suppliers who serve b2b buyers interested in Mediterranean food sourcing solutions from southern European countries like Spain or Italy.
  4. Sourdough Bread: Sourdough bread is made using active yeast cultures that give the dough its distinct sour flavor profile and chewy texture. Similar to other types of breads used throughout Europe such as ciabattas or focaccias, sourdough loaves are perfect for use in sandwiches and other meals that require additional structure when served cold while still retaining some springiness when heated up. Sourdough makes an excellent choice for b2b buyers interested in sourcing traditional European ingredients from Germany, France or elsewhere in Europe.
  5. Multigrain Bread: Multigrain bread combines several grains into one loaf with all the flavor combinations this entails as well as additional nutrition benefits compared to white flour based options like Baguettes or Focaccias. This makes multigrain loaves suitable for many types of businesses including those looking to serve healthier food solutions while still providing the taste their customers expect from traditional European dishes such as paellas and risottos sourced via private label arrangements from wholesalers in Spain or Italy