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Looking for top-notch b2b Baklava? Look no further than Torg! We offer a wide selection of high-quality Baklava sourced from all over the world – so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. With our vast network of suppliers and wholesalers in Europe, Spain, Italy, and the Mediterranean region, we are ready to assist on any deal.

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Source Baklava Suppliers from Around the World

  1. Spain: Spanning across the Mediterranean Sea, Spain has a rich history of Baklava production. Popular varieties include 'turrón', a mixture of nuts and honey, and 'gaznates', made with puff pastry and filled with cream. With its long coastline, variety of flavours, and access to fresh ingredients, Spanish baklavas are highly sought after in the b2b wholesale market. At Torg we offer buyers direct access to verified suppliers from around the country so you can source your desired products quickly and cost-effectively.
  2. Italy: Italy is home to some of the most renowned baklavas in Europe. From the classic Italian sfogliatelle which uses layered dough filled with ricotta cheese to Naples' famous pastiere di grano which uses pasta frolla crust stuffed with wheatberries, Italian baklavas boast a unique range of flavours that satisfy even the most adventurous palates. With Torg's intelligent sourcing platform you can find reliable private label suppliers for all kinds of Italian delights in no time!
  3. Middle East: The Middle East has a long tradition of making exquisite baklavas for centuries. From Turkey's famous 'Börek' served as an appetizer or dessert using thin layers of phyllo dough filled with either spiced minced meat or pistachios – one cannot resist its distinct sweetness and smell! With access to resources around this region Torg lets buyers explore numerous varieties while connecting them directly with verified suppliers from this area.
  4. Greece: Greece has perfected its own version over many generations – ranging from honey pastry rolls called kataifi which are topped off with walnuts or almonds, to filo parcels stuffed with spices called boureki. All these variations have been carefully crafted throughout centuries into delightful delicacies! Whether you are looking for a specific type or just want to browse through different options –Torg makes it easy by putting reliable suppliers at your fingertips!

Nutritional Usage Of Baklava

  1. Nutrition Value: Baklava is a delicious dessert from the Mediterranean region, made of layers of crispy phyllo dough filled with sweet chopped nuts and syrup or honey. It is usually considered to be a very healthy food due to its high nutritional value. Studies have shown that it contains good amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. Baklava is also rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. In addition, it is low in calories and cholesterol.
  2. Health Benefits: Baklava offers many health benefits as well. It can help reduce inflammation due to its high content of antioxidants and polyphenols that fight free radicals in the body. Eating baklava also helps boost energy levels due to its complex carbohydrates which provide sustained energy over time rather than quick bursts like simple sugars do. Furthermore, consuming baklava can help increase one's metabolism making weight loss easier while supplying enough essential nutrients for the body's needs.

Buying Trends for Baklava

  1. : Over the past few decades, Baklava has become increasingly popular as a sweet treat in both Mediterranean and European countries. It is no surprise that b2b buyers from these countries are looking for reliable suppliers of Baklava to fulfill their wholesale needs. Supplies from countries such as Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain have been especially popular in recent years due to their high quality products and competitive prices.
  2. Regional Popularity:
  3. Growing Market Availability: In addition to its regional popularity, Baklava has seen a steady increase in sales over the last couple of years due to its increasing availability on the market. With more suppliers offering private label options for retailers across the globe, this trend is likely to continue in the near future.