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Welcome to the Whole Milk Powder category page on Torg! Our b2b marketplace features an extensive selection of high-quality, competitively priced whole milk powder. With our easy-to-use web application, buyers can quickly submit product requests and receive quotes from specific suppliers. We also offer wholesale, private label options and cater to businesses worldwide. Whether you're sourcing in Spain, Italy or throughout Europe, Torg has you covered with top-rated suppliers offering a variety of whole milk powder products. Don't miss out on the convenience and savings that Torg offers for all your food product needs!

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A variety of whole milk powder products from Italy, Spain and other Mediterranean countries. These high quality milk powders are perfect for all your b2b needs, whether you're a supplier or sourcing for your business. With Torg's large database of suppliers, you'll find the best deals on wholesale and private label products. Choose from creamy white packaging, bold blue packaging or classic green packaging to suit your taste.

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Centrale del latte d'italia s.p.a.
"Explore the world of Mukki and discover a variety of products including fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, and more! Don't miss out on our promotions. Mukki offers a wide range of dairy products from fresh milk to high-quality cheeses, yogurt, and lactose-free options. They also provide educational visits to their Tuscan farms to learn about the milk production process."
Buffalo mozzarella
Whole milk
Whole milk powder
Fresh milk
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Italy Via dell’Olmatello, 20 - Firenze
Certificates: All
alpavit logo
Alpavit specializes in producing high-quality dried milk and whey products for international markets. With over 50 years of experience, they offer a wide range of products such as demineralized whey powder, lactose, whey proteins, and roller-dried whole milk powder. As part of the Champignon-Hofmeister group, a leading German dairy company, Alpavit is known for its top-notch quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. They cater to various industries including infant nutrition, confectionery, sports nutrition, food, and pharmaceuticals.
Whole milk powder
Health supplement
Germany Kemptener Str. 17-24 - Lauben
Certificates: All
Prolactal GmbH logo
Prolactal gmbh
Prolactal is the world leader in organic milk and whey powder for infant nutrition, providing high-quality products from Austria. With over 60 years of experience, their team of around 200 employees in Austria creates tailor-made product solutions worldwide, specializing in organic cow and goat milk fractionation. They offer a range of products such as milk/milk powders, whey concentrates, lactose-free products, and caseinates, serving markets in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Prolactal's flexible production system delivers over 40,000 tons annually, catering to diverse industries like baby food, confectionery, vegetarian products, protein drinks, and more. Nourishing humanity naturally with premium milk- and whey-based products!
Lactose-free creams
Low-lactose milk
Sheep's-milk cheese
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Austria Ferdinand-Leihs-Straße 40 - Hartberg
Certificates: All
imeko dairy products b.v. logo
Imeko dairy products b.v.
Imeko is a reliable partner in the dairy industry for over 50 years, offering highquality preserved consumer dairy products under wellknown brands like Kanny, Morny, and Clara. They supply instant full cream milk powder, fatfilled powder, evaporated milk, longlife milk, infant formula, as well as Edam and Gouda cheese loaves. Imeko ensures onbudget and ontime delivery, keeps promises and commitments, and provides flexible options for developing custom brands or specialty products. Explore Imeko for dairy products that meet global standards with exceptional service and quality.
Infant formulas
Whole milk powder
Powdered drink mix
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