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At Torg, you can find a wide selection of yoghurt for all types of businesses. From conventional Greek yoghurts to organic offerings sourced from suppliers in Spain, Italy and other countries in Europe - our selection has it all. We also provide private label yoghurts for brands looking to create their own products with unique flavors. Our team is ready to assist on all sort of deals related to Yoghurt, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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A delicious assortment of creamy yoghurt from the Mediterranean. This pack includes a selection of Torg's best private label yoghurts, sourced directly from trusted suppliers in Spain and Italy. Perfect for wholesale purchases for your b2b food business. Try out our different flavours, including strawberry, blueberry and mixed berry. Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

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Makler komers
There is no relevant information about the company or its services on the website.
Cheese spreads substitutes
Grated mozzarella
Paprika spice
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Bulgaria - - -sofia
Certificates: All
unidiet logo
Unidiet is an independent French company specialising in the preparation and conditioning of Adult diet and healthfoods - all Ready to Use produced in France on modern sites with recognised expertise and human competency. Thanks to the array of the Group’s tools, we are able to provide you with solutions at one central point for all health food, health drink and diet products.
Protein bar
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France 2, bis chemin d'Armancourt, Les vergers - 60200
delafruit s.l.u. logo
Delafruit s.l.u.
Who we are We are a global food organisation with our headquarters in Tarragona in Spain since 2007, specialising in the development and co-manufacture of purees, smoothies and juices in pouch, bottle and cup formats, for private label brands and distributors. We work with our clients in the manufacture of their private label products by actively participating in the entire value chain of the finished product – sourcing raw materials, design, packaging, production and logistics. We have the most advanced food processing technologies which allow us to offer the highest quality service and products.
Ready meals
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Spain Polígono Mil-lenium Avenida Carintia, s/n - La Selva del Camp, Tarragona
Certificates: All
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White and seeds
We are oriented towards sustainability in a responsible way , which is why we have chosen to focus on the areas that will allow us to generate the greatest positive impacts for society and for the agri-food sector, proposing to really make a difference . We want to promote a quality food offer that supports the growth of producers while preserving our natural resources. For this reason we have defined three important projects in terms of sustainability, inspired by the principles of one of the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs), in which we identify more, SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production, and two macro objectives, one for the long term, the other for the medium term.
Italy Via Cadriano 27/2 - Bologna

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Fssc 22000

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