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Looking for unsalted margarines to add to your menu? Look no further, Torg offers a wide selection of high quality products from top b2b suppliers. Whether you're in Spain, Italy, or anywhere in Europe, our platform makes it easy to find the perfect private label options for your business. With Torg, you can easily connect with trusted suppliers and get competitive prices on all your product needs. Explore our diverse range of unsalted margarines and other food categories today!

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Related products and categories

  1. Flavoured Olive Oils:
    These products are similar to Unsalted Margarines as they both fall under the category of condiments and flavorings. They are also widely used in Mediterranean cuisine and can be sourced from suppliers in Spain, Italy or other European countries. Both products can also be private labeled for wholesale purposes, making them ideal for b2b transactions.
  2. Plant-based Butter Alternatives:
    Plant-based butter alternatives share similarities with Unsalted Margarines as they cater to a health-conscious market looking for healthier options. These products can also be sourced from Torg's extensive list of suppliers in Europe, particularly in Italy where veganism is gaining popularity. As with Unsalted Margarines, these alternatives can also be purchased in bulk for wholesale purposes.
  3. Vegan Spreadable Creams:
    Like Unsalted Margarines, vegan spreadable creams are versatile ingredients that can be used in various dishes such as sandwiches, baked goods and sauces. They are not only ideal for vegan consumers but also cater to the growing demand for plant-based products in the market. Torg's suppliers from Spain and other Mediterranean countries can provide a variety of options for sourcing these products at competitive prices.
  4. Dairy-free Baking Fats:
    Similar to Unsalted Margarines, dairy-free baking fats are essential ingredients used in baking pastries and breads. They offer a healthier alternative to traditional baking fats while still providing the desired texture and taste. With Torg's network of suppliers from Europe, particularly Italy, businesses looking to source these products at wholesale prices will have a wide range of options available.
  5. Organic Coconut Oil Spreads:
    These spreads share similarities with Unsalted Margarines as they both offer healthier alternatives to traditional butter or margarine. Organic coconut oil spreads are sourced from tropical countries like the Philippines and can be a unique addition to Torg's product selection. Like Unsalted Margarines, these products can also be purchased in bulk for b2b transactions with private labeling options available.

Recent Supply Chain Issues for Unsalted Margarines

  1. Demand for Sustainable Ingredients:
    The global supply chain for unsalted margarines has been facing several challenges in recent years. One of the main issues is the rising demand for sustainable and organic ingredients, as more consumers become conscious about their food choices. This has resulted in a shift towards using palm oil substitutes, such as sunflower oil or rapeseed oil, which can be harder to source and may affect the price of unsalted margarines.
  2. Rising Transportation Costs:
    Another pressing issue in the supply chain of unsalted margarines is transportation costs. With many countries implementing stricter regulations on emissions, shipping companies are faced with higher fuel costs and transportation fees. This could result in increased prices for imported unsalted margarines, especially those sourced from distant locations like South America or Asia.

Spains Best Unsalted Margarines

  1. spain:
    Extra virgin olive oil is the lifeblood of any cuisine in the Mediterranean, and Italy's long history of producing some of the finest oils in the world has been recognized since ancient times. Olive cultivation dates back to as early as 2000 BC, where it was used for cooking, medicinal purposes, and even lamp fuel. The country produces about one-fifth of the world's olive oil and offers an infinite variety of flavors and styles. In particular, Spain is home to many producers that specialize in Unsalted Margarines in bulk at wholesale prices. Torg provides a perfect platform for buyers from all over Europe to easily source authentic olive oil from reputable suppliers.

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