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Discover a wide selection of unfermented creams on Torg. From olive oil to vitamin-rich options, find the perfect private label products for your business needs. Browse our extensive database and connect with top suppliers from Spain, Italy, and the Mediterranean region.

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Capture the essence of authentic Mediterranean cuisine with our unfermented creams. Showcase a creamy white dollop of unrivaled quality on a rustic wooden spoon, topped with freshly picked herbs. Perfect for b2b suppliers or private label sourcing in Spain, Italy, Europe, and beyond!

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Supply Chain Issues Impacting Unfermented Creams

  1. Transparency and Quality Concerns:
    In recent years, the food industry has faced various supply chain issues involving unfermented creams. One major issue is the lack of transparency in sourcing ingredients, leading to concerns over product quality and safety. Another issue is the increasing demand for private label products, putting pressure on suppliers to meet specific requirements and deadlines. Additionally, climate change has affected the production and availability of certain ingredients used in unfermented creams, causing disruptions in supply. These issues have caused challenges for both buyers and suppliers in the b2b food market, especially in countries like Spain and Italy where these creams are popular.

Packaging Options

  1. traditional_canisters_with_lids:
    Traditional canisters with lids that provide a classic, clean look for packaging unfermented creams. These canisters are made from high-quality, durable materials to protect your products and minimize spoilage. They come in various sizes so you can tailor your packaging to the needs of your customers.
  2. glass_jars:
    Glass jars are an elegant option to display your unfermented creams. The transparency of these jars showcases the product inside, creating a visual appeal that is attractive to buyers. Additionally, glass is a sustainable and recyclable material, aligning with the values of many consumers today.
  3. flexible_pouches:
    Flexible pouches offer convenience and practicality for packaging unfermented creams. These pouches are lightweight and easy to store, making them ideal for shipping large quantities of product at once. They also have a resealable closure, which helps keep the product fresh and extends its shelf life.
  4. tub_containers:
    Tubs or tub containers are perfect for larger quantities of unfermented creams that need to be scooped out or spooned into smaller containers. This makes them an excellent choice for commercial use in restaurants or foodservice establishments where large batches of product may be needed quickly.
  5. single_serving_cups:
    Single-serving cups provide a convenient and hygienic option for packaging individual portions of unfermented creams. These cups often come with lids to maintain freshness and make it easy for customers to take their favorite cream on-the-go. Perfect for airlines, hotels, or anywhere people need a quick snack.

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