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Are you looking for premium quality trouts from trusted suppliers? Look no further than! As a leading b2b food products marketplace, we connect buyers with top-notch suppliers of all types of trouts. With our vast selection from Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe and Mediterranean, we have got all your sourcing needs covered. Our platform allows you to easily browse and request quotes from suppliers, making it convenient for your business. Whether you need trouts in bulk or private label packaging, we have got you covered. Discover the best deals on premium trouts now!

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SUEMPOL Sp. z o.o. - Bielsk Podlaski logo
Suempol sp. z o.o. - bielsk podlaski
Suempol is a family-owned Polish company with over 30 years of experience, offering a wide range of unique salmon products. They pride themselves on serving products of the highest quality through traditional production methods since 1989. From Atlantic salmon to diverse salmon-based dishes and snacks, Suempol ensures fresh and delicious products, highlighting their exceptional taste. They also recently launched the Suempol Foundation, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility and community well-being.
Smoked salmon
Smoked trout rillettes
Canned salmon
Salmon trout
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Poland ul. Bialostocka 69A - Bielsk Podlaski
Certificates: All
Pastravarile ceahlaului srl
SCR Group is a segment of a group of companies dedicated to the fishing and tourism industry. Their holistic plan includes different directions related to various fish species, locations, and Horeca. They are one of the strongest holdings in Romania operating in different sectors such as the chemical industry, car manufacturing, electric equipment, electricity production, trade, services, business consulting, and aquaculture, with several thousand employees. They offer premium quality products such as fresh trout, trout dishes, and natural ingredients. Become a partner and choose your collaboration form in fish farming, fishmonger, or Horeca. Contact their team for more information.Premium quality trout products, comprehensive services for partners in the fishing and tourism sector.
Healthy snack
Smoked trout
Fresh fish
Romania Str. Principala, Nr. FN, Dodeni - Cabana Baraj - Bicaz
Certificates: All
Akerko su ürünleri̇ sanayi̇ balikçilik nakli̇yat tarim ürünleri̇ yeti̇şti̇ri̇ci̇li̇ği̇ ti̇şti̇
Sustainable Salmon and Trout for Your Health. Akerko Seafood is a leading company in the Black Sea region, offering healthy and highquality salmon products. They prioritize sustainability, maintaining cold chain production to preserve freshness and quality standards. Their products are traceable through QR codes, and their RD team is dedicated to innovation and quality improvement. Emphasizing environmental friendliness, they strive for sustainable production that benefits both human health and the environment. Contact them via email for more information. Email address.
Turkey Merkez Mahallesi Akmaz Küme Evleri No:83 - Çarşıbaşı/Trabzon
Certificates: All
Vishandel Jan van As en Zonen B.V. logo
Vishandel jan van as en zonen b.v.
Jan Van is a top-quality fish supplier dedicated to providing the freshest and highest quality fish products to elevate your culinary creations. Their team of passionate experts ensures that every product is of the utmost quality, allowing you to serve dishes that stand out with exceptional flavors, subtle combinations, and outstanding presentation. Collaborating with Jan Van guarantees a dining experience at the highest level, as testified by renowned chefs in the industry.
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Netherlands Centrale Groothandelsmarkt 135 - Amsterdam
Certificates: All

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