Are you looking to purchase high-quality canned seafood? Look no further than Torg's comprehensive B2B marketplace! Our platform offers you access to hundreds of suppliers from Europe, Mediterranean and other countries in the world that offer great quality products at competitive prices. Whether you're looking for sardines, mussels or other types of canned seafood - we've got you covered. We can also help with private label orders so that your product offerings stand out amongst your competitors. Now it's time to find your perfect supplier with Torg!

Capture a picture of canned seafood items in their natural environment, such as a local market or grocery store. Focus on the variety of colors, shapes and sizes to highlight the diversity available in the category. Showcase suppliers' cans with custom branding for private label products and emphasize the quality of offerings from around the world.

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  1. Canned Crabs: Torg offers a wide selection of canned seafood, including high-quality canned crabs. This product is ideal for those looking to source a great tasting ingredient that can be used in many dishes, such as casseroles and salads.
  2. Canned Salmon: The canned salmon offered by Torg is an excellent option for those businesses looking to provide their patrons with high-quality seafood at an affordable price. The cans are easy to store and have a long shelf life, making it convenient for customers in the b2b food products market.
  3. Canned Shrimp: Those seeking premium quality yet affordable canned seafood should look no further than the various options of shrimp offered by Torg. Our suppliers offer the best quality shrimp from locations like Spain, Italy, and other Mediterranean countries for wholesale customers.
  4. Canned Octopus: Octopus is one of the most popular delicacies among consumers in Europe and beyond; Torg offers an extensive selection of canned octopus sourced from suppliers across the globe. These products are perfect for private label production or just adding them to your existing range of products.
  5. Smoked Fish in Oil: For those looking to incorporate delicious smoked fish into their recipes or menus – look no further than Torg's selection of smoked fish packed in oil! With this type of product you can get all the flavor without having to smoke it yourself - making it a great time saving option for b2b food sourcing companies.

Creative Ideas to Make the Best Out of Canned Seafood

  1. Paella With Canned Seafood: For an international twist on a classic comfort food, why not try making paella with canned seafood? This version of the traditional Spanish dish is much easier than cooking with fresh ingredients and requires a fraction of the prep work. Simply add some saffron, onion, garlic, and peppers to your rice and canned seafood mix for a flavorful take on one of Spain's most iconic dishes.
  2. Tuna Patties: If you're looking for an interesting alternative to fish sticks or other fried seafood snacks, try whipping up some lightly battered and lightly fried canned tuna patties. Start by draining and rinsing the tuna from its can before forming it into small patties. Then dip each patty in a mixture of egg and milk before breading it in crushed crackers or cereal flakes. Fry them up in hot oil for about three minutes each side until golden brown for an easy snack that everyone will enjoy!
  3. Quick Seafood Soup: For busy weeknights when you're pressed for time but still want to get a nutritious meal on the table, consider making a quick soup using canned seafood as your base ingredient. A basic broth made from diced onions, celery, carrots and potatoes is great as a foundation. From there you can add whatever type of canned seafood you like - shrimp, crabmeat, clams - along with additional herbs or spices like parsley or thyme to take your soup to the next level.

Recent Supply Chain Issues Facing Canned Seafood

  1. Overfishing & Climate Change: The supply of canned seafood has been disrupted in recent years due to a variety of factors. One primary reason is the increasing demand for fish, leading to overfishing and even illegal fishing practices. In addition, climate change has had an impact on fishery habitats, leading to instability and shortages in supply. Furthermore, environmental regulations have created challenges for both suppliers and buyers in terms of sustainability and compliance. Finally, global trade tariffs have also created uncertainty for many businesses in the sector.
  2. Reliable Suppliers & Private Label Services: A major challenge in the canned seafood industry is finding suppliers who are reliable and trustworthy. Many b2b buyers find it difficult to source quality products from European or Mediterranean suppliers who can meet their needs with consistent quality and timely delivery. Additionally, some suppliers may not have necessary certifications or may not be able to offer private label services, making it difficult for buyers to find suitable partners that meet their needs.