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Are you looking for the best b2b fish suppliers around Europe? Look no further than Torg! Our global marketplace is filled with all kinds of high-quality seafood from trusted suppliers across the Mediterranean region. With our easy-to-use platform, you can find whatever type of fish that you need at competitive prices. Whether it's anchovies, sardines, or even tuna, we have it all! Start sourcing today and get the finest wholesale fish products delivered to your doorstep.

Capture a visually appealing image of a variety of fish from around the world that are relevant to b2b food sourcing in Europe, Mediterranean or other markets. Showcase the different varieties of fish and their unique colors and textures. Focus on a selection of fresh, sustainable species that can be found at Torg’s suppliers.

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Fish Suppliers from Around the World

  1. Spain: Spain has a long and proud history of fishing, as it is located along the Mediterranean Sea where thousands of species of fish can be found. Spanish seafood is renowned for its freshness, quality and flavour, making it one of Europe’s most desired commodities. Torg helps buyers source these products directly from local suppliers with a wide range of options.
  2. Italy: Italy offers some of the most sought after delicacies in the world with dishes like pasta, risotto and pizza made using fresh fish that comes fresh off their Italian coastline. With its diverse selection of seafood recipes ranging from grilled eels to baked cod covered in olive oil, Torg connects buyers directly to suppliers working within this region for top notch quality standards.
  3. Morocco: Morocco's extensive coastlines offer up a huge variety of different types of fish species to choose from. From small anchovies all the way up to larger varieties such as sea bream, mackerel or tuna - there is something available for every buyer looking to source seafood in bulk quantities. With Torg's help your company can access this abundance with ease and get great deals on top quality products from reliable suppliers.
  4. Greece: Greece may be known for their olives but they also have an impressive array of fresh fish available at wholesale prices through local fishermen and companies who use Torg to connect them with international buyers seeking out Greek seafood specialties such as calamari, octopus or salmon roe perfect for sushi dishes.

Popular Fish Products from Torg Suppliers

  1. Variety Of Fresh Fish From Around The World: Fish is an incredibly popular dish, and it's no wonder why - it can be combined with a variety of flavors to create unique and delicious dishes. Torg's selection of suppliers provide many varieties of fresh fish that can be used in restaurants, catering services, or even private label products. From cod to salmon, haddock to mackerel, there are endless possibilities for home cooks and professional chefs alike. Whether you're looking for sustainable seafood or traditional favorites like sushi grade tuna, you'll find plenty of options at Torg.
  2. Wholesale Frozen Fish For Any Occasion: If you're looking for something a little simpler, Torg has got you covered as well. We offer wholesale frozen fish products sourced from around the Mediterranean area and Europe. Whether you need a classic ingredient like anchovies or something more exotic like octopus, you can have your pick from our extensive collection of suppliers. Moreover, if your business requires larger quantities for private labels or specific productions – we will help make sure that all these needs are taken care of!
  3. Ready-Made Meal Solutions With Fish As Main Ingredient: Finally, if you’re looking for some ready-made meal solutions with fish as a main ingredient – look no further than Torg’s selection of b2b suppliers. From pre-cooked paella mixes to pre-marinated fillets ready to be cooked – there is something here for everyone! Our bulk offerings cater to large scale orders as well – so whatever your business needs may be - let us help make it happen!

Recent Supply Chain Issues Facing The Fish Industry

  1. Overfishing & Illegal Fishing: In recent decades, the global seafood industry has seen a dramatic increase in demand for fish, leading to issues of overfishing and depletion of ocean stocks. Illegal fishing practices such as trawling and bycatch have also caused serious environmental damage, threatening many species’ populations. In addition, the prevalence of factory ship fishing has resulted in large scale changes to ocean ecosystems and food webs. Poor labor conditions are also all too common on fishing vessels around the world, where workers often face long hours for minimal pay in dangerous conditions.
  2. Unsustainable Aquaculture Practices: Unsustainable aquaculture practices can cause significant environmental damage, both due to excess nutrient runoff from farms that pollutes surrounding areas or the use of wild caught species as feed which can further deplete ocean stocks. Poor water quality is another concern as many farms utilize open net pens which allows effluent to escape into the environment. Additionally, disease outbreaks can occur when farmed fish are susceptible to parasites or other pathogens that can spread quickly through an enclosed area such as a farm. Finally, industrial scale aquaculture operations often employ inefficient techniques for collecting and disposing of waste which leads to environmental contamination.