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Welcome to our Surimi category page! At Torg, we're dedicated to helping businesses find the best suppliers for their needs. Our b2b food products marketplace offers an extensive selection of surimi and other food categories, catering to various industries and markets. Whether you're sourcing from Spain or Italy, Europe or the Mediterranean, our user-friendly web application allows you to submit product requests, receive quotes from specific suppliers, and browse through a wide range of options. With Torg, you can easily source wholesale surimi or even create your own private label products. We make it easy for you to stay competitive in today's market. Get started with Torg today!

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Recent Supply Chain Issues Impacting Surimi Industry

  1. Overfishing and Climate Change:
    Surimi is a popular food product that can be used as an affordable alternative to seafood. However, the surimi industry has been facing supply chain issues in recent years due to factors such as overfishing and climate change. In fact, according to a 2018 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), around 90% of global fish stocks are either fully or overfished. This not only affects the availability of raw materials for surimi production, but also raises concerns about sustainability and environmental impact. Additionally, extreme weather events caused by climate change have disrupted fishing operations and led to shortages in certain regions. These issues highlight the importance of responsible sourcing and sustainable practices in the surimi industry.

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging:
    Our Surimi products come in a variety of packaging options to meet the needs of our b2b buyers. One option is bulk packaging, which is ideal for wholesale purchasing and large orders. We also offer private label packaging, allowing buyers to customize labels with their own branding. For those looking for convenience, individual portion packs are available for easy distribution. Another popular option is vacuum-sealed bags, which keep the product fresh and extend its shelf life. In addition, we offer alternative packaging materials such as eco-friendly pouches or jars for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
  2. Traditional Packaging:
    As a leading supplier of Surimi products in the Mediterranean region, Torg offers various packaging options to suit our Italian and Spanish clients' preferences. Our traditional glass jars add an elegant touch to any dish while preserving the freshness and flavor of the product. For those seeking convenience and practicality, our resealable pouches are a popular choice. We also offer customizable tin cans, perfect for gift sets or private label use. And for clients looking to stand out on store shelves, our innovative flexible tubes make a unique statement while keeping the product fresh.
  3. Premium Packaging:
    At Torg, we understand that sourcing high-quality Surimi products is essential for your business success. That's why we offer premium packaging options that not only preserve the quality of our products but also showcase their excellence on store shelves. Our sleek glass bottles with custom labels elevate any dish they're used in while ensuring freshness until opened. Alternatively, our vacuum-packed trays provide maximum protection during transit and extended shelf life once opened. We also offer attractive gift boxes for special occasions or corporate gifting purposes.

Surimi B2B Supplier Usage Examples

  1. Surimi for Sushi Rolls:
    Add a unique and delicious twist to your sushi rolls with our premium surimi sticks sourced directly from the Mediterranean. Our b2b suppliers in Spain provide the freshest and highest quality surimi, perfect for both professional chefs and home cooks alike. With our private label options, you can showcase our flavorful and sustainable product under your own brand name. Impress your customers with this versatile ingredient that adds texture and flavor to any seafood dish.
  2. Surimi Flakes for Crab Cakes:
    Looking for a healthier alternative to traditional crab cakes? Look no further! Our surimi flakes are made from only the finest white fish caught off the coast of Italy. With its low calorie count and high protein content, it's a perfect choice for those on a diet or just looking for a lighter meal option. Our wholesale suppliers ensure consistent availability year-round, making it easy for restaurants and food businesses to incorporate this tasty ingredient into their menus.
  3. Surimi in Paella:
    Surprise your customers with an authentic taste of Spain by adding surimi slices to your paella recipe. The mild flavor of our premium surimi complements the bold spices in this classic Spanish dish. With Torg's extensive network of suppliers throughout Europe, sourcing top-quality ingredients like surimi has never been easier. Impress your diners while cutting costs by purchasing wholesale surimi in bulk from us.

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