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Welcome to Torg, your go-to destination for all things Squid. Our extensive database of suppliers from Spain, Italy and other European countries offers a vast selection of high-quality products for your business needs. Whether you're looking to source wholesale quantities, create custom private label products or simply find the perfect supplier, Torg has got you covered. With our user-friendly web application, searching for Squid has never been easier. Browse through our various categories like Paella, Risotto and Flavoured Oil to explore the endless possibilities that our marketplace has to offer. Trust Torg to help you achieve all your Squid-related goals efficiently and effectively.

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Take a close-up photo of freshly caught squid in a traditional fisherman's net on the coast of Spain. Use natural lighting to capture the vibrant colors and textures of this popular seafood delicacy. Perfect for suppliers and wholesalers looking to source high-quality squid from the Mediterranean region for their b2b deals.

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Supply Chain Issues Headline

  1. Declining Squid Populations:
    The squid industry has faced several challenges in recent years due to overfishing and environmental factors. In the past few decades, there has been a significant decline in global squid populations, leading to concerns about sustainability and supply chain disruptions. This has resulted in higher prices for squid products and increased pressure on suppliers to find alternative sources.
  2. Illegal Fishing Practices:
    Another major issue facing the squid supply chain is illegal fishing practices. In many regions, including Spain and Italy, there have been reports of vessels illegally catching large amounts of squid and other marine life. This not only harms the environment but also creates unfair competition for legitimate suppliers.
  3. Sustainability Standards:
    With the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products, there is increasing pressure on suppliers to meet these standards. This can be challenging for smaller suppliers who may lack the resources or knowledge to implement sustainable practices. As a result, there may be discrepancies in sourcing methods and certifications among different suppliers.
  4. Climate Change Effects:
    The Mediterranean region, which is one of the largest producers of squid, has been affected by changing ocean temperatures due to climate change. This has led to changes in migration patterns and availability of squid, causing fluctuations in supply. These unpredictable conditions make it difficult for suppliers to plan their production and meet market demands consistently.

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