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SUEMPOL Sp. z o.o. - Bielsk Podlaski logo
Suempol sp. z o.o. - bielsk podlaski
Suempol is a family-owned Polish company with over 30 years of experience, offering a wide range of unique salmon products. They pride themselves on serving products of the highest quality through traditional production methods since 1989. From Atlantic salmon to diverse salmon-based dishes and snacks, Suempol ensures fresh and delicious products, highlighting their exceptional taste. They also recently launched the Suempol Foundation, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility and community well-being.
Smoked salmon
Smoked trout rillettes
Canned salmon
Salmon trout
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Poland ul. Bialostocka 69A - Bielsk Podlaski
Certificates: All
Vega Salmon GmbH logo
Vega salmon gmbh
Vega Salmon offers a broad range of high-quality salmon products to retailers, wholesalers, and the food service industry worldwide. Their premium brand provides carefully selected, sustainable salmon without additives, sourced from clean cold waters in the Nordic region. With a focus on quality and traceability, Vega Salmon takes salmon to the next level, offering smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon, marinated salmon, fresh/frozen salmon, and smoked trout. Explore their range for a delicious and convenient way to enjoy salmon in various culinary creations.
Frozen seafood
Fresh fish
Marinated fish
Smoked trout
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Germany Skandinavien-Bogen 6-8 - Handewitt
Certificates: All
Gümüşdoğa su ürünleri̇ a.s.
Güneş Doga provides a wide range of sustainable seafood products like Turkish seabass and seabream, offering fresh and frozen options including whole, filleted, and more. With top-notch processing facilities and modern techniques, they aim to be a leader in the industry. Their yem fabrikası produces high-quality fish feed with an annual capacity of 260,000 tons using expert knowledge and advanced technology. For seafood enthusiasts seeking quality and sustainability, Güneş Doga is the perfect choice.
Smoked swordfish
Smoked salmon
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Turkey Güllük Şubesi Güllük Karayolu 2. Km Milas - MUĞLA
Certificates: All
Ribnjak rača doo
Ribnjak Raca is the first fish farm in Serbia to start producing salmon and rainbow trout. Their main brand is the unique smoked rainbow trout fillet. Offering the highest quality trout in the market, from fresh to smoked. All products are of top quality and taste, meeting the highest quality standards. With 26 years of experience, they cultivate the highest quality trout in the Raka river. Their products include fresh and smoked rainbow trout, smoked salmon trout, and marinades. Contact them for more information or to purchase their topquality trout.
Smoked trout
Smoked farmed trout
Smoked salmon
Smoked fish
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