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Welcome to Torg's Skimmed Milk category page! Here you will find a wide selection of high-quality skimmed milk products for all your business needs. With our database of trusted suppliers and wholesalers from various markets such as Spain, Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean, you can easily source the perfect product for your private label or wholesale requirements. Torg offers a convenient platform where you can submit product requests, get quotes from specific suppliers, and browse through an extensive range of skimmed milk options. Our goal is to help businesses like yours find the best deals quickly and effortlessly. Start exploring now!

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Looking for high-quality skimmed milk for your business? Look no further than Torg's b2b sourcing platform! Our suppliers from Italy, Spain and across Europe offer a wide selection of wholesale products. Choose our private label options for a personalized touch to your packaging. From smooth cartons to sleek bottles, we've got you covered!

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Ab "pieno žvaigždės" branch pasvalio sūrinė
Natrals offers a wide range of natural dairy products made using the latest technology. From eco yogurt to lactosefree Greek yogurt, their products are a blend of nature and tradition. They are one of the largest and most modern dairy processing companies in the Baltic countries, prioritizing quality and sustainability. Discover their products at
Whey powder
Whole milk powder
Ice cream
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Lithuania Mūšos g. 14 - Pasvalys
Certificates: All
spomlek dairy cooperative logo
Spomlek dairy cooperative
Products: Dairy products Cheese Hard cheese Slicing cheese/semi-hard cheese Semi-solid sliced cheese Dried milk products Whey powder Other dried milk products Product sector: Dairy Trend subjects: private label Sustainably Produced or Packed Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade Products for food service and catering Products for the food processing industry Provided products (private label) for the food and wholesale and retail trade Target and outlet markets: Australia Brazil Canada China Colombia Germany India Japan Mexico Middle East New Zealand North Africa Northern Europe Others Central America Others Eastern Europe Others Oceania Others South America South East Asia Southern Europe Türkiye USA Western Europe Outbound: China, Shenzhen │ ANUFOOD China Germany, Cologne │ Anuga India, Mumbai │ ANUFOOD India
Goudas with cumin
Dried products
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Poland Generała Kleeberga 12, 21-300 Radzyń Podlaski, Poland - Radzyń Podlaski
Certificates: All
solarec s.a. logo
Solarec s.a.
From the Belgian Ardennes, we distribute our milk products all over the world. An exclusive sector, guarantee of quality. Since SOLAREC was set up in 1965, we have followed our philosophy of continuous improvement. SOLAREC combines the strength of traditional know-how and constantly evolving competitive processes. We are located at the heart of Europe, in the Belgian Ardennes. We collect the milk on local farms that comply with very strict specifications. Our exclusive sector guarantees us a very high quality raw material, from farms where animal health and well-being are at the heart of the priorities.
Whole milk
Whole milk powder
Ice cream
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Belgium Rue de Saint-Hubert 75 - Libramont
Certificates: All
numidia bv logo
Numidia bv
Numidia specializes in offering a wide range of dairy ingredients tailored to the specific needs of customers in the food and animal feed industries. They are an international sales, marketing, and distribution company with a focus on dairy products and related food ingredients. Numidia is known for its expertise, commitment to quality, and personalized approach in creating and innovating dairy and tailormade products. They also prioritize sustainability and have received a prestigious gold Ecovadis sustainability rating. Operating from the Netherlands, with offices worldwide, Numidia is your expert partner for all things dairy.
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