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Are you looking for fresh and quality shrimp? Look no further! Torg is the perfect platform to find reliable shrimp suppliers from all over the world. Our extensive database allows you to source premium grade seafood products in wholesale, private label or bulk orders with ease. With our advanced filtering system, it's easy to narrow down your search results to meet your exact requirements – no matter if you're looking for wild-caught or farm-raised shrimp. Explore our range of different types of shrimps today and find exactly what you need!

Capture a photograph of succulent shrimp from a local supplier or market in the Mediterranean area. Include details such as the texture, color, and size of the shrimp, to create an appetizing image that will draw attention to the page. Be sure to avoid any prohibited keywords.

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Nutrition Benefits of Torg's B2B Wholesale & Private Label Shrimp Suppliers

  1. Nutritional Qualities: Shrimp is a nutrient-dense food choice as it contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also an excellent source of lean protein and low in total fat. Shrimp also provides omega-3 fatty acids which are known to reduce inflammation. Furthermore, shrimp can provide dietary fiber which aids in digestion.
  2. Protein & Minerals: Shrimp is a great source of essential amino acids that are necessary for the body to build proteins. It also contains several trace minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron which are essential for healthy bones and muscles. Additionally, shrimp is rich in antioxidants which help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.
  3. Versatility & Flavor: Shrimp not only offers potential health benefits but it can also be used as a great way to incorporate flavor into your diet without adding too many calories. Its mild flavor pairs well with many different spices making it a versatile ingredient for recipes both savory and sweet!

Supply Chain Issues in Shrimp

  1. Climate Change & Overfishing: In recent years, the global shrimp supply chain has been challenged by a number of factors, including climate change, overfishing, disease outbreaks, and pollution. These issues have caused disruption in production and availability of both wild-caught and farmed shrimp. Furthermore, due to rapid population growth and rising demand for seafood in developing countries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet consumer needs for quality products at affordable prices. As a result, suppliers may be forced to turn to less sustainable sources or fishing methods to provide adequate resources.
  2. Illegal Fishing & Labor Exploitation: Another issue affecting the global shrimp supply chain is illegal fishing and labor exploitation. Illegal activities such as unreported catches put pressure on already declining stocks of wild fisheries while also undermining legitimate businesses that are trying to operate within the law. In addition, many seafood workers are subject to human rights abuses such as low wages, long hours and dangerous working conditions due to lax regulations or lack of enforcement.

Exploring the World of Shrimp Sourcing

  1. Spain: Spain is a top source of shrimp, especially in the Mediterranean. Seafood in general has been a key component of the Spanish diet for centuries, and that includes shrimp. Suppliers in Spain are known for their commitment to quality standards and sustainability, making it ideal for those looking to source responsibly. Torg can help buyers navigate the vast network of suppliers in Spain with ease by connecting them with reputable and reliable vendors from all over the country.
  2. Italy: Italy is another major player in terms of shrimp sourcing. The Italian coast is home to many seafood farms, which harvest both wild and farmed shrimp from the seaside. Italian producers have consistently high standards when it comes to quality control, so buyers can be sure that they are getting only the best product available when sourcing from Italy through Torg.
  3. Morocco: Morocco is a great option for those looking for locally sourced shrimp. Morocco's warm waters provide perfect conditions for both wild and farmed varieties of shrimp to thrive. Suppliers located along the Moroccan coast specialize in providing top-quality product at competitive prices, making it an attractive destination for b2b buyers looking for value and reliability when sourcing through Torg .
  4. Portugal: Portugal’s long coastline provides ample opportunities for sourcing fresh or frozen seafood such as shrimp as well as processed products like canned goods or sauces. Portuguese producers excel at offering private label options tailored exactly according to customer requirements, making it an ideal partner when seeking custom solutions via Torg .