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Torg is proud to provide a comprehensive selection of Rice Snacks for its buyers from all around the world. Our categories are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers whether they require bulk orders or private label options. Sourcing from leading suppliers in Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean region has never been easier. With Torg you can be sure that you will get only high-quality rice snacks delivered at competitive prices.

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Capture the vibrant colors of a rice snack, showcasing its texture and variety of flavors. Focus on the ingredients used to make it, like spices and herbs, as well as any unique producing techniques used in its preparation. Include details like the way it is served or presented and how it can be incorporated into other recipes.

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smart organic ad logo
Smart organic ad
Smart Organic offers a range of organic, vegan, and raw superfoods with no added sugar or gluten. Roobar, Dragon Superfoods, Bettr Snacks, Kookie Cat, and Rookies are some of the brands under Smart Organic, providing products like protein bars, superfood bars, snacks, cookies, nut butter cups, and more. Smart Cycle, a project of Smart Organic, focuses on ecofriendly packaging with biodegradable and compostable bags and paper straws. Experience guiltfree snacking and tasty treats with Smart Organic's variety of delicious and healthy options.
Energy bars
Protein bar
Chocolate cereal bars
Rice snack
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Bulgaria - - -
Certificates: All
menken orlando b.v. logo
Menken orlando b.v.
Products: chocolate, chocolate products Capuccino chocolate Peanut chocolate Milk chocolate Chocolate covering/couverture White chocolate Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate with whole nuts Yoghurt chocolates Snack foods Cashew nuts Peanuts Hazelnuts Corn snacks Almonds Assorted nuts / assorted nuts and raisins Pecan nuts Pine nuts Pistachio nuts Rice-snacks Soya kernels Product emphasis: chocolate, chocolate products Snack foods Trend subjects: Private label Target and outlet markets: Northern Europe Others Eastern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe
Milk chocolate candy
Dark chocolates with sweeteners
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Netherlands Stationsplein 4, 2275 AZ Voorburg, Netherlands - Voorburg
Certificates: All
Fox Bar italia Srl logo
Fox bar italia srl
Fox Bar Italia from the first day offers the most innovative solutions in the nut & snack market to turn 24 hours into a business opportunity. Since 1989 the company has been providing its customers with HORECA-RETAIL orders and weekly deliveries, just in logistic time.
Tortilla chips
Rice snack
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continental bakeries logo
Continental bakeries
Continental Bakeries is a European bakery group specialized in the production of biscuits, bread replacements and toast. We focus on private label products and a number of great own brands such as Haust, Gille, Grabower, Bussink, Brinky and Continental Bakeries. Continental Bakeries has fifteen “Production Centres of Excellence” in Western Europe with a total of 2,500 employees. All our production facilities are certified in accordance with IFS and BRC standards. We export our products worldwide with Western Europe as the most important market. We feel very strongly about a number of values. Our customers can count on us supplying the best quality with a very high level of delivery reliability. We do what we have promised. We are also an innovative partner: we not only react quickly to market demands, we also follow regional, national and European consumer trends closely and are quick to anticipate customer needs. Finally, we place a great deal of importance on sustainability. We minimise our impact on the environment, commit ourselves to the welfare of man and animals and improve the nutritional value of our products.
Chocolate sprits biscuits
Crispy biscuits
Puffed corn cakes
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Netherlands Pieter Zeemanweg 17, 3316 GZ Dordrecht, Netherlands - Dordrecht
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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