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Are you looking for a reliable supplier of dried blueberries? With Torg you can access a large selection of suppliers from all over Europe and the Mediterranean. We offer a variety of products to meet every need - whether it's organic, conventional or private label. Our intuitive platform makes it easy to find the right product for your business needs.

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Sourcing Dried Blueberries Across Europe

  1. Spain: Spain is one of the leading producers of Dried Blueberries in Europe and a major supplier across the continent. This Mediterranean country has a rich tradition in cultivating, harvesting and processing different varieties of dried fruit. Torg can help you source dried blueberries from suppliers located throughout Spain and its various regions, as well as those offering private label services and B2B solutions.
  2. Italy: Italy is a major producer of dried fruits, especially when it comes to dried blueberries. It's known for its high-quality products and reliable suppliers that provide both traditional Italian recipes or modern interpretations. With Torg you can easily find Italian suppliers for your business no matter where you're located, making sure you get the best quality product at competitive prices.
  3. Greece: Greece is a great source for Dried Blueberries due to its favorable climate conditions and long history with harvesting this type of fruit. Greek producers are known for their excellent quality standards which makes them one of the most sought-after suppliers across Europe. Torg makes sourcing Greek dried blueberries easy by putting reliable local providers just a few clicks away.
  4. Turkey: Turkey is also an important producer and supplier of Dried Blueberries in the European market, thanks to its fertile soils and mild climate conditions ideal for growing this type of fruit. Turkish producers are renowned for their innovative approaches to processing these fruits, developing unique recipes that stand out amongst competitors in terms of taste and freshness. With Torg you can easily browse through several Turkish providers offering both B2B solutions as well as private label options tailored to your needs.

Unlocking the Nutritional Power of Dried Blueberries

  1. Nutritional Qualities: Dried Blueberries are rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. They contain up to five times the amount of polyphenols compared to fresh blueberries. In addition, they are a great source of manganese and other minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. Dried Blueberries are also extremely low in calories and fat making them an ideal snack for those looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, they can help regulate blood sugar levels due to their high dietary fiber content.
  2. Benefits for B2B Suppliers & Buyers: Dried Blueberries are perfect for b2b suppliers and food sourcing businesses who want to provide a healthy snack option with added nutritional benefits. The products sourced through Torg's marketplace make it easy for buyers to find quality dried blueberry products from various suppliers in Europe, the Mediterranean region and beyond. Private label brands can also use these wholesale ingredients for their own product formulations that contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote overall wellbeing.

Buying Trends For Dried Blueberries

  1. Global Sales Growth: The demand for dried blueberries has seen steady growth over the last decade, especially in the US and European markets. In 2019 alone there was a 30% increase in global sales of dried blueberries. With an emphasis on health products, many companies are looking to private label dried blueberries to create unique products as well as cater to high demand from b2b buyers for sourcing wholesale supplies of the product.
  2. Seasonal Demand: As with most food products, demand for dried blueberries is seasonal in nature with peak season during summer months when there is an increased need for snacks and other similar products. During this period there is an increased focus on b2b suppliers who can provide bulk supplies at competitive prices as well as private label options customized according to buyer needs.