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Get the best quality prunes for your business at Torg. Our B2B platform offers a large selection of prunes sourced directly from trusted European suppliers. Here you can find all kinds of options such as olive oil-infused prunes, dried organic varieties, and much more! We have extensive experience in supplying Mediterranean and other regional customers with wholesale products of excellent quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are prunes?

Prunes are dried fruits, typically plums, that have been naturally or mechanically dried. As a result of the drying process, prunes are more nutrient dense than fresh fruit and they can be eaten as a snack, used in cooking or baking, and added to other food products such as cereal or granola. Torg is the perfect platform for finding b2b suppliers of quality prunes from all over the world - quickly and efficiently.

What are the health benefits of eating prunes?

Prunes offer numerous health benefits including improved digestion due to their high fiber content, vitamins A and C, potassium and iron which help support healthy blood pressure levels. Eating prunes has also been associated with reducing the risk of certain cancers, diabetes and age-related cognitive decline.

How can Torg help me find the right supplier?

Unlike buying prunes at your local grocery store or market which may not offer a large selection or variety, Torg can help you find b2b suppliers who specialize in different types of premium quality prunes sourced from all over the world. Whether you are looking for organic options or need wholesale quantities of conventional varieties - Torg connects you with reliable suppliers quickly.

What should I consider when buying prunes from international suppliers?

When sourcing prunes from suppliers around the globe it's important to consider factors such as pricing per pound/kilogram (which may vary depending on type/variety), minimum order requirements (MOQs) availability/seasonality timelines (some varieties may be available year round while others only during certain months) packaging options etc. That's why when searching for suppliers on Torg it's recommended to narrow down your search by product attributes specific to your needs.

Is there anything special I need to know if I'm looking for private label packaging options?

If you're looking for private label packaging options for your own brand then there are several things to consider before making a purchase decision such as artwork & design requirements (labels/logos etc.), barcodes & codes required for production etc., cost associated with producing custom packages etc., turnaround times for printing labels & packaging etc., storage conditions needed for long shelf life products etc. Torg makes it easy to get in touch with relevant suppliers who meet your needs so you can ask about any details beforehand.

Unlock the Nutritional Benefits of Prunes with Torg's B2B Suppliers & Wholesale Sourcing

  1. Nutritional Benefits: Prunes are a great source of dietary fiber, providing up to 6.2 grams per 100g serving. This can work to regulate digestion and keep you feeling fuller for longer. They also contain potassium, which helps lower blood pressure, and minerals such as iron and copper that help maintain healthy bones and red blood cells respectively. Vitamin K is also found in prunes which contributes to healthy bones and supports proper clotting abilities.
  2. Low Calorie Snack: Prunes are low in calories, with just 44 calories per 100g serving. This makes them an ideal snack or addition to a meal plan for people looking to watch their calorie intake without compromising on nutrition. Additionally, prunes have a low glycemic index score of 29 meaning they don’t cause sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels when eaten in moderation.
  3. Heart Friendly Snack: As a dried fruit, prunes have no cholesterol or saturated fats making them heart friendly snack option for those looking for a sweet treat without the guilt! Prune juice is also packed full of antioxidants that help fight inflammation throughout the body while contributing towards better skin health.

Supply Chain Issues Related to Prunes

  1. Political Instability: In the past few decades, the prune industry has been affected by political and economic instability in countries that are major producers of prunes, such as Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. This has resulted in price fluctuations and supply chain disruptions.
  2. Organic Farming Regulations: The organic farming of prunes can be quite expensive due to the stringent environmental regulations that must be met for certification. As a result, many producers have had difficulty meeting these standards while remaining competitive in terms of pricing. This has led to fewer organic options available on the market and higher prices for consumers.
  3. Climate Change: Climate change has caused droughts in some regions that are important sources of prunes, resulting in decreased yields and disruption to supply chains. Additionally, extreme weather events such as heatwaves or floods can also impact crop yields negatively. This means less product is available on the global market and increased prices for buyers.