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Welcome to Torg's Potato Flakes category page! Whether you are a food manufacturer or restaurant owner, Torg has got you covered with its extensive selection of high-quality potato flakes. Our b2b marketplace connects buyers with top suppliers from Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean region. With a variety of sourcing and wholesale options available, you can easily find the perfect supplier to meet your business needs. Say goodbye to mediocre potato flakes and hello to deliciously crisp ones by using Torg's private label services. Browse our catalogue now!

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A variety of delicious potato flake products, including mashed potatoes, hash browns, and crispy chips. These high-quality b2b options are perfect for sourcing from Spain, Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean region. Choose from top suppliers for your wholesale needs or create your own private label brand with our selection of premium potato flakes. The perfect addition to any meal or snack mix!

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blattmann schweiz ag / blattmann handels ag logo
Blattmann schweiz ag / blattmann handels ag
Blattmann Schweiz is a Swiss company with more than 165 years of experience in ingredient production. We supply the food industry in Switzerland and Europe with organic and non-organic specialty ingredients, and meet the growing demand for modern, high quality, safe food products. We are a medium-sized company and have the flexibility to offer customized solutions designed around your requirements. Our ingredients are used in a variety of applications, from bakery and confectionery products to meat analogs and convenience foods.
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Switzerland Seestrasse 205 - Wädenswil
Certificates: All
Goodrich cereals
Goodrich Cereals has been a reputable name for over two decades, mastering the processing of a wide range of products like natural & modified starches, bakery products, and nutraceutical ingredients. Their state-of-the-art potato flakes manufacturing facility aims to support potato farmers by offering them a lucrative way to sell their produce, while ensuring the finest quality using modern European machinery. The unique ability of Goodrich's potato flakes to reconstitute even in cold water makes them versatile for various applications like baking, thickening agents, and snacks with a subtle earthy flavor.
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Potato flakes
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Maxim Gorkiy Plus, LLC logo
Maxim gorkiy plus, llc
Maxim Gorkiy Plus LLC is the biggest producer of potato flakes in Russia. The company carries out a full production cycle from growing potatoes to further processing into the final product - potato flakes. The plant is equipped with three production lines that allow us to receive over 120,000 tons of potatoes for processing and produce up to 40,000 tons of potato flakes during the season.
Potato flakes
Russia 26 Shosseynaya Street, village Popovka 1st, r.s. Severnoe - Chernskiy district
Certificates: All
IDA S.r.l. logo
Ida s.r.l.
IDA S.R.L. specializes in dehydrated vegetables for the food industry, offering a variety of products including spinach, parsley, and potatoes flakes. Their primary selling point is their highquality production process which includes rigorous quality controls, total traceability, and expertise in dehydration. With over 60 years of experience, IDA S.R.L. is a renowned company exporting its products to over 40 countries worldwide. Their products are used in a wide range of applications such as pasta, soups, baby food, and more.
Potato flakes
Italy Via Carlo Borra, 1 - SAN GIULIANO NUOVO
Certificates: All

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