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Are you looking for top-quality frozen curry ingredients and products? Look no further than Torg – your one stop shop for all types of food items from around the world. As a B2B digital marketplace, we offer buyers access to an impressive variety of options, including everything from wholesalers and bulk suppliers to private labels and local vendors. All our partners are carefully chosen to ensure the highest level of product quality as well as value, including a range of natural and organic options sourced from countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and many more! Have a look around and find exactly what you need today!

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Packaging Options

  1. Pre-Packed Dishes: Pre-packed frozen curry dishes offer convenience and efficiency for busy b2b buyers. These packs typically contain pre-measured portions of a chosen curry dish, such as chicken korma or vegetable jalfrezi, that can be quickly cooked with minimal preparation. The packaging is usually designed to preserve the food quality and ensure easy storage and transport.
  2. Pouch Packs: Pouches are popular in the b2b food industry to store curries in frozen form. The packs are filled with an appropriate amount of curry mixture, sealed, and then deep frozen for optimal preservation. Thanks to their improved insulation properties, pouches maintain temperature better than other forms of packaging.
  3. Bulk Bags: Bulk bags are large containers used by suppliers to package large amounts of frozen curries for b2b customers. They provide plenty of space for multiple packages of different dishes and offer convenient storage solutions that keep the contents well preserved for longer periods of time.

Exploring the Frozen Curry Scene in Key Locations

  1. India: India is well known for its flavorful curries, and frozen curry products have become increasingly popular. In fact, analysts have shown that India is the leading producer of frozen curry products in the world. Torg can help buyers navigate suppliers landscapes in the country by connecting them with a wide range of products like vegetarian dishes, spicy curries and more. With a variety of options available from local producers to large scale suppliers from all over India, Torg provides fast access to quality Indian frozen curry products.
  2. Thailand: Thailand is one of the most important players in the global frozen curry market. The country is renowned for its unique flavours, spices and innovative combinations used to create delicious Thai dishes like green curry or Massaman beef. With over 20 years of experience sourcing exclusive Thai specialties for customers around the world, Torg has built deep relationships with some of Thailand’s best producers who offer high quality and competitively priced frozen curry products.
  3. Indonesia: Indonesia is another major producer of frozen curries as it boasts a rich culinary tradition that makes use of classic Southeast Asian ingredients like lemongrass and galangal. Its dynamic culture means there are countless recipes waiting to be discovered! Torg connects buyers with reliable Indonesian suppliers offering a wide selection of traditional dishes such as Rendang or Soto Soup – perfect for busy kitchens looking to save time on preparation without compromising on taste or quality.
  4. Vietnam: Vietnam is an emerging player in the global market when it comes to frozen curries thanks to its vibrant food culture featuring cuisines from various regions across the country and increasingly accessible international trade routes between Vietnam and key markets abroad. From specialty regional dishes like hot pot soup or coconut chicken curry to modern creations inspired by fusion cuisine, Torg helps buyers access these Vietnamese delicacies quickly and conveniently at competitive rates through trusted local producers and suppliers who deliver right to their doorsteps..

Related products and categories

  1. Frozen Curry Pies: Frozen Curry Pies are a great way to add some Asian flavour to your meal. They contain a flavorful filling of vegetables and spices, and can be easily reheated in the oven or microwave. Perfect as a side dish or snack for any occasion!
  2. Vegetable Curries: Vegetable curries are a great option for those looking for an easy and tasty meal. Many variations are available, such as cauliflower curry, potato curry, spinach and mushroom curry, etc. All of them have flavor packed ingredients that make it an enjoyable meal.
  3. Ready-to-eat Meals: Ready-to-eat meals are perfect for busy professionals who don't have time to cook but still want a delicious home cooked meal. Torg's ready-to-eat meals come with prepped ingredients so all you have to do is heat up the food! These frozen curries offer convenience while also offering high quality flavors from the suppliers around Europe.
  4. Indian Snacks: Indian snacks such as samosas, pakoras, chaat masala chips and more are perfect accompaniments to any kind of curry dishes! This category provides customers with quick and easy options when they're looking for something special to go along with their main course without having to put in too much effort into making it themselves.
  5. Private Label Products: Private label products give businesses added flexibility in sourcing different types of food products from around the world at competitive prices. With Torg's private label services businesses can find specialized suppliers producing frozen curry dishes tailored specifically for their needs.