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Are you looking for a reliable supplier of meat substitutes? Look no further than Torg - an international b2b food marketplace! Our vast selection includes vegan beef, vegetarian burgers, gluten-free sausages, tofu steaks and much more. We have suppliers from all around Europe and the Mediterranean so you will find quality products that fit your needs. Whether you're looking to buy wholesale or private label, we can help you get the best deal possible.

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Packaging Options

  1. : Bulk packaging is a great option for B2B buyers who need large quantities of meat substitutes. Typically, this method involves storing the product in large barrels or vats, ensuring that none of the product is wasted. This type of packaging is especially useful for businesses that are looking to buy in bulk and save money over time by purchasing larger quantities at once.
  2. Bulk Packaging:
  3. : Jars and bottles are commonly used to package meat substitutes such as vegan beef, flavoured oil, and vitamin supplements. This type of packaging ensures that customers receive the exact quantity they ordered without having to worry about spilling anything during transportation. Bottles and jars also provide an aesthetically pleasing way to present products on store shelves.
  4. Bottle/Jar Packaging:
  5. : Frozen food trays are often used to package frozen meats such as vegan beef or fish substitutes. This type of packaging helps maintain the freshness and quality of the product while also ensuring it stays intact during shipping and handling. Furthermore, freezing meat substitute products helps extend their shelf life so customers can keep them in their freezers for longer periods of time before consuming them.
  6. Tray Packaging:

Buying Trends In Meat Substitutes

  1. Increased Demand: While the global demand for meat substitutes has continued to increase steadily since the early 1990s, it has seen a particularly significant surge over the last few years. This is due to a combination of factors including a heightened awareness of animal welfare, greater understanding of the health benefits associated with plant-based proteins and increased availability of quality meat substitute products on the market.
  2. Increasing Diversity Of Buyers: The majority of meat substitute buyers are based in North America and Europe but there is an increasing number from countries in other parts of the world such as South Africa, India, China and Japan. This diversity in buyers means that suppliers must consider new markets and be prepared to adapt their product offerings accordingly.
  3. Growing Wholesale & Private Label Opportunities: Sourcing meat substitutes at wholesale rates is becoming ever easier as more suppliers enter the space. This trend is especially evident in Mediterranean countries where there is an abundance of local olive oils, vinegars, spices etc that can be used to make vegan alternatives. Many suppliers are now offering private label options which help buyers customize their products according to local tastes.

Nutritional Benefits of Meat Substitutes

  1. Nutritional Qualities: Meat substitutes are packed with essential nutrients and protein. They are an excellent source of iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. They also contain dietary fibre as well as vitamins B12 and B6 that are important for energy production. Furthermore, many meat substitutes are fortified with plant-based proteins to help meet your daily protein needs. By substituting meat with a vegan alternative you can enjoy the same nutritional benefits without sacrificing taste or texture.
  2. Low Fat & Low Calorie Alternatives: Many suppliers offer low-fat and low-calorie alternatives for meat products such as beef mince, burger patties and sausages, which makes them perfect for those looking to lower their fat intake. For example, some suppliers provide vegan meat substitute patties made from rehydrated soy protein which has only 2% fat per 100g serving size compared to 20% in beef burgers.
  3. Quality Assured European Suppliers: Torg's quality assured European b2b suppliers offer meat replacements from all over the world including Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. These vegetarian options provide wholesalers with both private label and pre-packaged products that have been carefully sourced from reliable sources with the highest degree of quality control available.