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Supply Chain Issues of Seitan in the B2B Market

  1. Production Challenges: The commercial production of seitan has been a challenge for food companies since its initial introduction as a meat substitute. Due to the lengthy manufacturing process, it is hard to produce large quantities quickly and cost-effectively. This makes it difficult for suppliers to meet the demands of buyers in the b2b market.
  2. Ingredient Sourcing: The sourcing of quality ingredients is another issue that affects the seitan market. Seitan requires the use of gluten, which can be hard to find in sufficient quantity and reliable quality from trustworthy suppliers. Without high quality gluten, seitan products often lack flavor and texture, making them less desirable for customers in the b2b market.
  3. Transportation Costs: Another supply chain issue that affects the seitan market is transportation costs. Since many seitan products are perishable or require special storage conditions, they require expensive packaging and/or refrigeration during shipping, resulting in higher overall costs for buyers in the b2b market.

  1. Global Expansion: In the last decade, the purchasing of seitan has seen an increasing trend as more companies and individuals are turning to it as a vegan or vegetarian alternative to traditional meat products. Furthermore, with the global expansion of vegan and vegetarian diets, seitan has become increasingly popular in countries around the world, including Europe and the Mediterranean region. As a result, many suppliers have begun offering private label options for seitan, allowing businesses to source large quantities for their own customers.
  2. Wholesale Purchasing: The wholesale purchasing of Seitan is also trending upwards as larger organizations are beginning to use it in their product offerings. This could be due to its low cost compared to other types of proteins, its versatility in being used in different dishes, or perhaps because it's gaining popularity among vegans and vegetarians alike. Additionally, there has been an increase in seitan product sourcing from B2B suppliers who specialize in high quality products that meet food safety standards.

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