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Welcome to Torg's Sunflower Seed Butters category page! Discover a vast selection of high-quality products from trusted suppliers in Spain, Italy, and across Europe. From sourcing to wholesale and private label options, we've got you covered for all your business needs. Whether you're looking for organic or flavored varieties, our marketplace offers endless possibilities. Join our community today and let us help you find the perfect sunflower seed butter for your business.

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Take a close-up photo of a jar filled with creamy sunflower seed butter, accompanied by a wooden spoon and scattered sunflower seeds on a rustic background. Perfect for showcasing the pure & organic ingredients used in our Sunflower Seed Butters!

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    Almond butter is a popular alternative to traditional peanut butter, especially for those with allergies or dietary preferences. Similarly to sunflower seed butter, almond butter is made from grinding almonds into a smooth and creamy spread. This makes it a perfect addition to the Sunflower Seed Butters category page, as both products serve as healthy nut butter options for buyers looking for alternatives. Additionally, Torg's market names such as Spain, Italy and Mediterranean are well-known for their production of high quality almonds, making almond butter a great option for sourcing through Torg's b2b marketplace.
  2. Cashew Butter:
    Like sunflower seeds, cashews are also rich in healthy fats and essential nutrients. This makes cashew butter another good choice to add to the Sunflower Seed Butters category page. Many suppliers on Torg offer various types of nut butters in bulk at wholesale prices, including cashew butter. By including this product on the page, buyers can easily find different types of nut butters all in one place. With private label options available on Torg's platform, businesses can also create their own unique brand of cashew butter sourced directly from reputable suppliers.
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  4. Hemp Seeds:
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    Another type of seed that is often compared to sunflower seeds is pumpkin seeds. Both are nutrient-dense and can be made into creamy spreads. Pumpkin seed butter is a great addition to the Sunflower Seed Butters category page as it offers buyers another healthy alternative when it comes to nut butters. With Torg's extensive database of suppliers from different regions such as Spain and Italy, buyers can easily source high quality wholesale pumpkin seed butter directly from trusted suppliers.

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