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Are you looking for a reliable b2b supplier of margarine? Look no further! On Torg we provide an immense selection of quality products from trusted suppliers located all over Europe and Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy or Greece. We offer private label services and sourcing solutions tailored to your needs – browse our selection now!

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Uses of Margarine in the Food Industry

  1. Cooking & Baking: Margarine is a popular choice for many restaurants and food companies as it is an inexpensive alternative to butter. It has a low melting point which makes it ideal for baking applications such as cookies, cakes, and other pastries. Additionally, margarine can be used for frying foods like eggs and fish because of its high smoke point. It is also a great way to add flavor to dishes without making them overly rich or heavy.
  2. Manufacturing & Packaging: Margarine is commonly used by food manufacturers in products such as spreads, fillings, dips and sauces as it adds texture and flavor while being easier to handle than butter. Margarine also acts as an emulsifier in many different products helping ingredients bind together so that they don’t separate when heated or cooled. This makes margarine an essential ingredient for many dairy-free products too due to its creamy texture and neutral taste.
  3. Bakery & Decoration: Many large bakeries use margarine in their recipes because of its cost effectiveness compared to butter but also because of its ability to make cakes lighter with more volume and stability when combined with sugar syrups or glazes. The low melting point of margarine also helps keep layer cakes and icings smooth making them easier to work with during decoration processes. In addition, margarine can help give baked goods a longer shelf life due to its preservative properties.

Explore the Best Margarine Suppliers Around the Globe

  1. : Spain is a rich source of quality margarine suppliers. With its long history of production, advanced infrastructure and modern food safety standards, many businesses turn to Spanish companies for their margarine needs. Torg’s extensive database makes searching for a suitable supplier easy. Whether it be organic, vegan or private label margarine, Torg can help you find the right supplier in Spain.
  2. Spain:
  3. : Italy has always been known for its high-quality food products and ingredients. Margarine produced by Italian suppliers are no different – it’s made from top quality ingredients and with strict adherence to industry standards. Thanks to Torg’s b2b platform, buyers have access to some of the best Italian margarine suppliers who offer competitive prices and reliable service.
  4. Italy:
  5. : Turkey is an emerging market in terms of sourcing high quality yet affordable margarine products. By leveraging Torg’s platform you have access to dozens of Turkish producers who specialize in various sorts of margarines such as flavored oil, vegan beef or snack mix ones. Even when it comes to private labeling services, Turkish suppliers can be trusted with your product's success.
  6. Turkey:
  7. : Greece is famous around the world for its exquisite olive oils but that's not all there is to Greek cuisine! In recent years more and more manufacturers from Greece started producing outstanding margarines as well - all thanks to their commitment to using only fresh local ingredients and following strict production processes which result in excellent end products! With Torg you can easily find these suppliers without any hassle!
  8. Greece:

Buying Trends in Margarine

  1. Growing Demand: In recent decades, the demand for margarine has grown significantly due to its low cost and long shelf life. In the b2b market, margarine is a popular choice among suppliers, as it can be easily sourced in large quantities and shipped worldwide. Margarine products are also often used as a base ingredient by food manufacturers who are looking to create private label items or develop their own brand of food products.
  2. Healthier Alternatives: With an increasing focus on health and wellness, there has been a marked shift towards healthier alternatives like vegetable oils and organic margarines from traditional options. This trend is particularly evident in countries like Spain and Italy, where many consumers are willing to pay more for healthier food items. Suppliers seeking to capitalize on this trend can offer high quality organic margarines that meet the needs of these markets.