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Torg is the ideal source for all kinds of frozen poultry products, offering customers a comprehensive selection of everything from organic chicken to duck, quail and more! Our experienced team of professionals can help you find exactly what you need at an unbeatable price. Sourcing from our trusted suppliers across Europe means that our customers are guaranteed to receive fresh, quality products every time.

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Frozen Poultry Suppliers Around the Globe

  1. : Spain is a major producer of frozen poultry, with production having risen from 200,000 tonnes in 2002 to over 600,000 tonnes in 2018. It is a traditional supplier of frozen chicken to many European countries and is also known for its unique varieties such as guinea fowl, partridge and quail. With Torg, you can easily source these products from local suppliers across the country.
  2. Spain:
  3. : Italy has long been renowned for its quality meat products and frozen poultry forms an important part of this tradition. The country produces over 800,000 tonnes of frozen poultry per year and exports much of it to other parts of Europe and beyond. You can use Torg to find reliable Italian suppliers who offer top-grade frozen chicken products at competitive prices.
  4. Italy:
  5. : Turkey is one of the world’s leading producers of frozen poultry with annual production reaching more than 1 million tonnes in 2020. Turkish suppliers are known for their high standards when it comes to hygiene and safety regulations which make them perfect partners for those looking to source quality products available at reasonable rates. With Torg you can easily identify the most suitable provider according to your needs.
  6. Turkey:
  7. : The UK is one of the biggest exporters of frozen poultry in Europe, shipping around 500,000 tonnes every year. British suppliers are well known for their commitment towards sustainability practices which makes them great partners for those looking not only for good quality but also ethical sourcing solutions. With Torg you can quickly find reliable providers offering products ranging from whole chickens to wings or breasts at attractive prices across the UK market..
  8. United Kingdom:

Related products and categories

  1. Frozen Chicken Wings: Frozen chicken wings are a popular B2B product often used for private label purposes, making them similar to other frozen poultry products such as chicken breasts and thighs. Frozen chicken wings can be found in a variety of countries around the world, including Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece. Suppliers from each of these countries offer their own unique blends of flavor that make them an ideal option for sourcing flavors from across the Mediterranean.
  2. Smoked Turkey Breast: Smoked turkey is another popular type of poultry product available on Torg that is similar to frozen poultry due to its preparation process. It is a great option for those looking for something new and different than traditional deli meats and offers more smoky flavor. Its shelf-stable nature makes it perfect for long-term storage or shipment between suppliers located geographically apart from each other.
  3. Gourmet Sausage: Gourmet sausage is another type of processed meat that has become increasingly popular with buyers looking to up their game when it comes to food options. Although this type of product may not seem immediately related to frozen poultry, they share many similarities in terms of preparation process, packaging and storage requirements as well as price point, making it an excellent alternative choice for those interested in buying high quality food products at wholesale prices.
  4. Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Thighs: Teriyaki marinated chicken thighs are one way to add some extra zing and flavor to your meal without having to buy pre-marinated or ready made meals. This type of product combines both convenience and versatility with its marinade offering a unique taste experience which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular amongst buyers seeking out flavorful food items at competitive prices on Torg’s marketplace.
  5. Seafood Mixes: Seafood mixes are perfect for buyers who want something different than poultry but still require something that can be prepared quickly like frozen food products typically are! These types of mixes combine several ingredients such as shrimp, squid rings and mussels together creating delicious meals that customers can enjoy without having to wait too long or spend too much money on cooking ingredients separately. They also benefit from being easy to store and transport thanks to their freeze dried nature allowing them to be shipped around the world without any issues arising during delivery times!

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is a great way for B2B buyers to purchase large quantities of frozen poultry at once. This method is cost effective and also helps to ensure timely delivery and preservation of the food product. Bulk packaging can come in various sizes, shapes, and materials depending on what is best for the product being shipped.
  2. Vacuum Packaging: Vacuum packaging involves removing the air from around a food product in order to extend its shelf life and prevent damage during shipping. Vacuum packaging works well with frozen poultry, which needs to be kept cold during transit. It is often used for exporting products overseas, as it ensures that they remain fresh throughout their journey.
  3. IQF Packaging: Individual quick freezing (IQF) is a process where each piece of frozen poultry is individually packaged or separated before freezing in order to preserve its quality. This type of packaging helps maintain texture and flavor during storage and shipment, while also making it easier to thaw out only what you need when needed.