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At Torg, we understand that sourcing the perfect product can be daunting. That's why we offer a vast selection of frozen parathas from reliable and trustworthy suppliers across Europe and Mediterranean. Our selection includes some of the highest quality products available, all at wholesale prices that are perfect for private label projects. Whether you're looking for a unique twist on a classic dish or something more exotic, our extensive range has something to suit every taste and budget.

Capture a photograph of a bowl of freshly made frozen paratha topped with colorful vegetables or spices and ready to be served, highlighting the diversity and flavor of this traditional dish from the Mediterranean region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is frozen paratha?

Frozen paratha is a type of traditional Indian flatbread that is made from wheat flour and filled with a variety of savory ingredients. It is usually cooked in a tandoor oven or over a skillet, and it can be served as an appetizer or even as the main entree. Torg can help you find the right supplier for your frozen paratha needs, no matter where you are located. Whether you're looking for b2b suppliers, sourcing, wholesale, private label or anything else related to frozen parathas, Torg has got you covered!

Where are frozen parathas most popular?

Frozen parathas can be found in many parts of India but they are particularly popular throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. They come in many different varieties with various fillings such as potatoes, peas, cheese, onions and more. With Torg's marketplace platform you can find all sorts of suppliers from these regions that offer high quality and tasty frozen parathas for your business needs!

How do I find b2b suppliers on Torg?

If you're looking for b2b suppliers for frozen parathas then Torg's marketplace platform makes it easy to find them! Just search by location (e.g. Spain or Italy) or keyword (e.g. private label) to get started and quickly identify relevant suppliers near you that have all kinds of variants available for purchase/distribution purposes.

What does a typical frozen paratha look like?

There are various types of frozen parathas out there; some are stuffed with vegetables while others contain meats like chicken or beef. Generally speaking they should have a flaky crust that’s crisp on the outside and has a soft inside texture when cooked correctly. The taste will depend on the filling used so make sure to ask potential vendors about their offerings before purchasing/distributing their products!

How much do frozenparathas cost?

The cost of purchasing/distributing frozen parathas depends on many factors such as quantity ordered , quality of product chosen , size purchased etc.. With Torg's marketplace platform it becomes easier than ever to compare prices side by side across multiple vendors before making your purchasing decision. Furthermoreyou can also discuss special pricing/quantity deals with sellers directly within our platform if needed!

Long Term Sales Trends for Frozen Paratha

  1. Increasing Demand: In the last few decades, the demand for frozen parathas has been steadily increasing across all markets. This is due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness compared to other types of food. The trend is especially noticeable in B2B markets, where many suppliers have started offering private label versions of the product and sourcing it in bulk from various locations such as Europe, Mediterranean and India.
  2. Global Demand: Although some regional variations exist, frozen parathas are generally very popular in most countries around the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that this product has seen a steady rise in sales over recent years. It can be used as a wholesome meal or snack and there are many different varieties available which can be tailored to suit any market's needs.

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is the most common form of packaging for frozen paratha and other b2b food products. It allows buyers to purchase large quantities at a discounted rate, making it perfect for resale or private label. It's also ideal for businesses that require larger amounts in order to meet their needs.
  2. Private Label Packaging: Private label packaging is a great option for businesses who are looking to create personalised labels on their products and increase brand awareness. With this type of packaging, buyers can add unique graphics to packages that best represent their company.
  3. Sachet Packaging: Sachets are an ideal choice when it comes to frozen paratha and other food products because it provides convenience for customers, while allowing them to enjoy a smaller portion size than bulk packaging. This style of packaging also helps with portion control and can be customised with various sizes and designs.