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Are you looking for reliable suppliers of frozen fish? Torg is here to help! We are an online marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers in Europe, Mediterranean, and beyond. Our selection includes various types of frozen fish such as cod, salmon, mackerel and more. All our products are sourced from trusted sellers that guarantee high quality standards. In addition to a wide selection of seafood products we also offer b2b sourcing services, wholesale options and private label deals to help you find the perfect product for your needs!

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Delicious frozen fish from Mediterranean waters, sourced directly from top suppliers in Spain and Italy. Perfect for b2b wholesale deals or private label offerings. Try our selection of sardines, cod, and anchovies for a taste of the sea!

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Longhai Longqiang Frozen Food Co., Ltd logo
Longhai longqiang frozen food co., ltd
Fujian Longhai Longqiang Frozen Food Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of frozen processed aquatic products and frozen storage. Their factory, established in April 2009, has an extensive range of products such as frozen squid, sardines, mackerel, and leather jacket. With a daily production capacity of 150 tons and exporting to markets in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Africa, and other countries, they are a top choice for high-quality frozen seafood products.
Frozen food
Frozen seafood
Frozen fish
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China Cangtoucun, Longhai City, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China, 363102 - Zhangzhou
Fresh Tropical Srl logo
Fresh tropical srl
Products: Delicatessen products, gourmet food and staple food General provisions and staple foods Flour Custard and jelly powder Nutrients Rice (non-chilled) Rice products Pulses Grains Canned food Canned fruit and pulpes Fruit preserves Vegetable preserves Pickled products Fish preserves Other preserves Ready-meals and soup products Ready-meals (non-chilled) Seasonings Sauces and gravies (non-chilled) Delicatessen sauces and seasonings Soy sauce Chutneys Herbs and spices Dried fruit and vegetables Dried fruit Dates Nuts Almonds Pistachio nuts Cocktail fruit Preserved fruit Oils and fats Vegetable oils Grapeseed oil Sesame oil Other Oils Confectionery and snack products Snack products* Other confectionery* Product sector: Fine Food Trend subjects: Halal Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade Products for food service and catering Target and outlet markets: Germany Northern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe Outbound: Germany, Cologne │ Anuga
Frozen fish
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Italy Via Alberto da Giussano, 22, 20011 Ex Ferrotubi MI, Italy - Ex Ferrotubi
Davimar S.r.l. logo
Davimar s.r.l.
Davimar offers fresh and frozen seafood products for wholesalers and retailers. With artisanal processing in Chioggia, they provide high-quality fresh and frozen seafood products for Horeca, cash & carry, and retailers since 1966. Specializing in cuttlefish, octopus, and other sea products, Davimar is your go-to for seafood needs.
Frozen fish
Frozen seafood
Fresh fish
Italy Via Strada Statale Romea, 516 - CHIOGGIA (VE)
Certificates: All
Kramer Fish - Urk logo
Kramer fish - urk
Kramer Fish is a leading fish processing company on Urk with 25 years of experience, operating across 5 production locations. They offer meticulous fish processing services including filleting, sorting, freezing, glazing, cutting, breading, pre-baking, and packaging. Kramer Fish is also an importer of Alaska pollock, providing a wide range of private label seafood products. Their advanced facilities ensure top-quality and precise handling of various fish species to meet customer needs.
Frozen cooked seafood
Fish breaded frozen
Frozen fish
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Netherlands Middelgronden 1 - Urk
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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