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Torg is an international B2B marketplace for food products. Our selection includes all types of Carbonara, from Italian classics to vegan varieties, with many supplier options across Europe and the Mediterranean. Whether you need bulk orders or private label solutions, we offer it all - fast and easy!

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Explore the rich, creamy flavors of traditional Carbonara with Torg's premium selection. Our wide range of b2b suppliers from Spain and Italy offer top-quality ingredients for your sourcing needs. Enjoy wholesale prices on private label options for your next culinary creation. Satisfy your customers' taste buds with our authentic Mediterranean taste. Perfect for restaurant menus or home-cooked meals, let Torg be your go-to destination for all things Carbonara.

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Our vast selection of Carbonara suppliers can help you get your desired product with ease.

Gunnarshögs Gård AB logo
Gunnarshögs gård ab
Gunnarshögs Gård is a family farm focusing on producing high-quality cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Visit their farm shop, enjoy a coffee at their summer café, and shop online for their products. Learn about the importance of good food and where it comes from. Explore their variety of rapeseed oil flavors like basil, chili & garlic, and cold-smoked. Attend farm events, cooking classes, and activities for both adults and children. Shop for unique and sustainable products while supporting a local, innovative food business.
Seaweed chips
Pasta salad
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Sweden Vallbyvägen 90 - Hammenhög
Certificates: All
gama-zuckersuess GmbH logo
Gama-zuckersuess gmbh
Products: chocolate, chocolate products Chocolate items for the toy-shop sugar confectionery Chews Trend subjects: Halal Target and outlet markets: Middle East North Africa Northern Europe Southern Europe Türkiye Western Europe
Ready meals
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Germany Mierstraße 7, 12055 Berlin, Germany - Berlin
Oy Lunden Ab Jalostaja logo
Oy lunden ab jalostaja
Jalostaja by Oy Lunden Ab produces a variety of food products under wellknown brands like Jalostaja, Auran, and Chef Lundn. Their tagline Jalostaja Easy everyday meals! highlights their focus on providing convenient food options. The company offers a range of food products and is looking forward to showcasing their delicious offerings at the upcoming food fair in Helsinki. Visit their website for more information and to stay updated on their latest products and events.
Bolognese spaghetti
Pasta dishes
Bolognese raviolis
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Finland Pansiontie 45 - Turku
Certificates: All
Panzani offers a wide range of quality pasta, sauces, and couscous products that provide a simple way to enhance daily meals. With a focus on culinary creativity, customers can explore a diverse selection of recipes and cooking tips to elevate their kitchen experience. Discover Panzani's unique and delicious universe through their Italian-inspired ingredients and monthly pasta recipes, designed to bring joy and inspiration to every meal.
Bolognese lasagne
Spelt pastas
Bolognese raviolis
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Certificates: All

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Torg is a global B2B food products marketplace where buyers can find high-quality Carbonara products in one platform.
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