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A delicious assortment of white chocolates with elegant packaging. Showcasing a selection of creamy and rich b2b supplier sourced white chocolates from Spain, Italy and the Mediterranean region. Available for wholesale purchase or private label branding on Torg's marketplace.

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glamy candy  logo
Glamy candy
Confectionery manufacturer from India with European owners that manufacture quality sugar candy including lollipops, Dip & Lick lollipops, vegetarian Chewy Candy, powder filled candy balls, and gummy candy, both with pectin and cow gelatine. Halal certified factory.
Gummi candy
White chocolates
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India 4/5 & 10/7 Hegdenegar Main Road, Thirumenahalli - bangalore
Certificates: All
tottis-bingo s.a. logo
Tottis-bingo s.a.
Leading company in the field of bingo products and servicesSpecializes in providing highquality bingo products and services
Flavoured chocolates
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Greece . - Gerakas
Certificates: All
thijs food innovation logo
Thijs food innovation
Enjoy sugarfree treats with Slimpie! Indulge in our syrups, ice pops, and candies that are 0 sugar calories, vegan, and glutenfree. Discover our unique blends in sustainable RPET packaging. Explore our wide range of products including kids syrups with fun flavors like tutti frutti. Join as a Slimpie member for exclusive deals and be the first to know about our new campaigns and flavors. Perfect for those avoiding sugar, our products are allergenfree and sweetened with various sugar alternatives. Stay updated through our social media channels for the latest news!
Fruit juice
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Netherlands . - .
rodoula s.a. logo
Rodoula s.a.
Products: Bread, baked goods and spreads Bread (fresh, frozen, partly-baked) Wheat Bread Mixed wheat bread Wholemeal wheat bread Special bread Other bread types Baking mixes Small baked rolls Rolls Pretzels Bagels Muffins Croissants/ice-cream wafers Other small baked goods Fine baked goods Pyramid cake Sponge cake-based baked goods Sponge cake Puff pastry products Cakes Tarts Other fine baked goods Long-life baked goods Biscuits and crackers Soda dough products Frozen food and ice cream products Frozen baked goods Frozen tarts Frozen cakes Frozen bread and rolls Frozen small pastries Frozen savoury baked goods Other frozen baked goods Product sector: Frozen Food Trend subjects: Convenience & Snacking
Baking mix
Frozen ready-made meals
Frozen egg rolls
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Greece 55 Zalokosta - Agrileza Acharnes
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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