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Find the perfect blend of Mediterranean herbs and spices with our selection of premium herbal teas. With our b2b marketplace, sourcing the best suppliers for your private label wholesale needs is a breeze. Explore our variety of teas from top producers in Spain, Italy, and all across Europe. Discover new flavors and elevate your tea game with Torg.

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beyers koffie n.v. logo
Beyers koffie n.v.
Beyers has been taking coffee further since its founding in Antwerp, in 1880 - more than 140 years ago. Did you know that some parts of our company even date back to 1769? That is the year our Dutch office opened for the first time. At the time, we were famous for selling coffee and tea. All together, we can proudly look back on a heritage that spans 250 years in the coffee trade. Today Beyers - as part of the Sucafina group - has grown to become the largest coffee roaster of Belgium and a key player in the European private label coffee market. As a true one-stop-shop, we strive to deliver excellent quality. In our two production facilities, one in Puurs-Sint-Amands (Belgium) and one in Castel Maggiore (Italy), we produce a wide range of coffee products for our customers: beans, roasted and ground coffee, pads, and a large variety of capsules.
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Belgium Koning Leopoldlaan 3 - Puurs-Sint-Amands
Certificates: All
neel beverages pvt ltd logo
Neel beverages pvt ltd
Neel Beverages is a premium manufacturer offering a wide range of instant beverage mixes like tea, coffee, soups, and turmeric latte. With over 700 hightechnology machines, they guarantee top quality and taste in their products. They specialize in instant teas such as saffron, lemongrass, ginger, cardamom, and more. Contact them for private labeling or white labeling services and enjoy their ecofriendly and glutenfree products delivered worldwide.
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India - - -
cafes henri logo
Cafes henri
Private labels Develop your own brand of coffee, thanks to Cafés Henri private label! You can be unique, by opting for a high-quality coffee which is made and roasted according to your preferences, and then bagged and packed, with your logo on it. A complete service, designed to retain the loyalty of your customers, and to make your own mark. A coffee created for you and distributed under your own brand Does your business involve selling beverages? Are you a wholesaler or owner of food businesses? As a coffee roaster, would you like to sell coffee under your own logo? Discover our private label service: a personalised offer, accessible to everyone, which allows you to create a coffee in your own image, in just a few steps. Select an existing blend or create your own: selecting green beans, choosing the “grands crus” varieties to be blended with the help of the Cafés Henri experts; Choose the degree of the roast: sweet (golden beans) or longer (“monk’s robe” beans) depending on the gustative habits of your international clientele; Create your own personalised packaging: bags available in four sizes, packaging in a neutral atmosphere with a single-direction freshness valve for optimal preservation of the flavour and freshness of “your” coffee; Design and create your own packaging, with your brand, and the logo of your company. The quality of Cafés Henri exceptional coffees, also available in small quantities! Cafés Henri wishes to makes its service accessible to the largest possible amount of customers: that is why it has defined extremely reasonable minimum quantities, allowing distributors and public houses of all sizes to be able to offer their own coffee line. This positioning allows everyone to enjoy the benefit of the Cafés Henri private label, for: creating a proposal for corporate gifts; giving gifts, appreciated by all, as part of a works committee; standing out from the crowd during your professional trade shows with high-end goodies. It’s safe to say that your clients and partners will think of you every time they enjoy high-quality coffee! With great coffee under your brand, you can make an appearance at any occasion and get everyone talking! Contact the Cafés Henri teams to find out about the conditions of this offer: you may even be surprised by how easily accessible it is. Cafés
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France 3 Rue Lavoisier, 67720 Hœrdt, France - Hœrdt
cafes baque logo
Cafes baque
FROM THE BEGINNINGS IN BILBAO At the beginning of the 20th century, Juan Baqué Fargas had a warehouse for colonial goods in the centre of Bilbao. At that time, they allowed him to manage and sell coffee. And from that moment onwards, the Baqué family began to establish a close relationship with coffee. Later, two of Juan Baqué’s sons, Emilio and Francisco, became the managers of the business, creating the Juan Baqué Widow and Sons company. TO THE OLD TOWN OF DURANGO In the mid-20th century, the family moved the company to Durango, an up-and-coming town in Biscay that was undergoing rapid growth. In Pinondo, close to the current Gran Hotel Durango, they founded a files and rasps business, as well as a small plant for roasting and packaging chicory in Barrencalle. It was 1968 and Cafés Baqué began to become a well-known brand in the coffee world. TO THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE TOWN In 1976, the biggest move of the company occurred when they moved to the site of where its headquarters are currently located. Cafés Baqué would later be very well-connected thanks to the subsequent construction of the motorway between Bilbao and Behobia. WE CONTINUED TO GROW In 2005, Cafés Baqué acquired the leading catering brand from La Rioja, Cafés Greiba. Over the following years, the company continued to grow, incorporating new packaging and roasting machines, as well as new green coffee bean silos with greater capacity, opting for renewal and investment in order to continue growing. …UNTIL TODAY Today, Cafés Baqué is a family-owned company that is professionally run and has a team of 120 people, who make it possible to reach the more than 5,000 customers.
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Spain Santa Apolonia, 48215 Iurreta, Bizkaia, Spain - Iurreta

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