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Looking for high-quality ice tea product? Look no further! Torg is here to provide you with an extensive selection of superior quality ice teas sourced from brilliant suppliers all around Europe and the Mediterranean. We offer b2b, private label and wholesale options so that you can buy exactly what your business needs.

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Creative Uses of Ice Tea for Consumers

  1. Slushies: Ice tea is an incredibly versatile product that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. A great way to cool off on hot summer days is to make a refreshing ice tea slushie. All you need is some crushed ice, your favorite flavor of powder mix and plenty of water or milk. Simply mix it together and blend until you reach the desired consistency, then enjoy!
  2. Cocktails: Crafting delicious cocktails with ice tea as the base ingredient has been gaining traction among bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Depending on the flavor profile of the chosen tea and what other spirits are used, there's an endless array of combinations that can be created to tantalize palates. For instance, combining green jasmine ice tea with vodka, lime juice and honey results in a sweet yet tart drink that will please even the pickiest taster.
  3. Baked Treats: Ice teas are also perfect for baking! When trying to create something more interesting than a simple dessert, try adding different flavors of brewed ice tea into your favourite recipes for cakes or cupcakes to give them an extra kick. For example, pairing lavender earl gray into your vanilla cake batter can lead to exciting new flavour profiles that will surely impress friends and family alike when served at any gathering.

Recent Buying Trends for Ice Tea

  1. Rising Demand: In the past few decades, the demand for ice tea has been continually increasing in both short-term and long-term sales cycles. This is due to its rise in popularity among health conscious consumers across Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as its growing availability from b2b suppliers and wholesalers. Furthermore, there has also been an increase in private label ice tea brands entering the market, allowing buyers to source customised products that suit their needs.

Supply Chain Issues of Ice Tea

  1. Inadequate Sourcing Practices: One of the biggest supply chain issues for ice tea is related to sourcing and production. The majority of ice tea is sourced from countries such as China, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, where wages are low and labor rights are not always respected. Poor working conditions can lead to substandard quality and safety standards in the product's production.
  2. Unsustainable Packaging Solutions: Packaging is another important factor when it comes to supply chain issues for ice tea. Single use plastic packaging has become increasingly popular but this type of packaging produces a lot of waste and contributes significantly to global pollution. Environmentally friendly solutions like reusable glass or aluminum containers need to be explored further in order to reduce plastic waste.