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medela logo
The story of Medela began in 1975 when the smell of strudels was felt for the first time in the town of Vrbas! The factory was opened under the name “Vitalkeks” and its basic mission was to produce a sweet that would sweeten homes throughout Serbia. Soon after its opening, the factory changed its name and Medela was officially born. The recipe has remained the same from the first strudel up to the present day. You fell in love with the soft airy dough and the full-flavored fruity fillings, and we endeavored to enrich, in time, our palette of sweets, which you liked so much. That is how our waffles, tea biscuits and other types of biscuits appeared, in order to satisfy all your requirements and tastes. Since our official foundation in November 29, 1975, we have worked on the modernization of our production facilities, giving birth to new ideas, occasions and opportunities to improve the products manufactured in our factory. In order to ensure the highest quality of our products, in 2016 we started the production of fresh fruit marmalade in our own plant. We fill our strudels with the fresh fruit marmalade, guaranteeing the quality, rounding up the production process and following the tradition of “granny’s recipe” which makes our strudels so remarkable. Starting from a modern chocolate topping machine, automatic packing, new wafer production line and , subsequently, a built marmalade production facility, we have undertaken all the necessary steps to keep quality at the high level you are used to. We are guided by the desire to offer always something new and interesting to the numerous lovers of our sweets, as well as to maintain top quality. That is why we are constantly improving in all fields. Thanks to this, our sweets are enjoyed nowadays by people from all the countries of the former Yugoslavia and Western Europe and they have arrived even to America and Africa. The company “Ravanica” DOO Ćuprija, which was founded in 1958, became the part of our company in 2018. We have enriched the range of products with two traditional brands Bonžita and Romansa. These brands have survived on the market for many years and remain recognizable serbian brands, both on the domestic market and in the region. We have been with you for half a century and we are looking every day for new ways to thank you for your trust and love. We continue to grow together with the most beautiful flavors and the highest quality sweets!
Stuffed waffles
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Serbia Kulski put bb - Vrbas
pekarna horovice logo
Pekarna horovice
PAC Hořovice sro is a manufacturer of bakery and confectionery products. Production takes place in three establishments in Hořovice, Příbram and Beroun.
Toasted bread rolls
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Czech Republic . - .
Certificates: All
Conditorei Coppenrath und Wiese - Mettingen logo
Conditorei coppenrath und wiese - mettingen
A bakery company named Coppenrath Wiese offers a variety of delicious products such as cakes, pastries, bread, and more. They specialize in a wide range of items including cream cakes, vegan options, pastries, and assorted platters. Whether you're looking for classic pastries or indulgent cakes, their freshly baked products are sure to satisfy every taste. Explore their product selection for birthdays, festive seasons, or everyday enjoyment. They also offer job opportunities for those interested in joining their team.
Apple pie
Cheesecakes with fruits
Chocolate cake
Chocolate dessert
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Germany Hansastrasse 10 - Mettingen
Certificates: All
Morello food srl
Variety of sweet treats including marshmallow biscuits, strudel bars, chocolate bars, and cream-filled pastriesSatisfying your daily craving for delicious goodies like marshmallow biscuits, chocolate bars, and cream-filled pastries.
Vanilla stuffed wafers
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Romania STR. GLORIEI, NR.3, CORP C1, - Giurgiu
Certificates: All

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