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Are you looking for high-quality spring rolls in bulk? Look no further than Torg - Europe's premier b2b food marketplace. With our extensive database of suppliers and products, you can easily source the perfect spring rolls for your business needs. Our platform allows you to request quotes from specific suppliers and browse a vast selection of products, making sourcing a breeze. Whether you're in Spain, Italy, or any other Mediterranean country, Torg has got you covered with top-notch spring roll options. And with our private label services, you can even customize your own brand of spring rolls. Don't waste time searching through endless suppliers - trust Torg to connect you with the best spring roll providers for your business.

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Take a high-quality photo of crisp, golden spring rolls filled with fresh vegetables and savory spices. Capture the textures and flavors of this popular b2b food product from Torg's supplier database, perfect for sourcing wholesale or private label deals across Europe and the Mediterranean.

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  1. Rice Paper Rolls:
    The Rice Paper Rolls are similar to Spring Rolls as they are both thin wrappers made from rice flour and water. They are also used in a similar way, by wrapping vegetables, meat or seafood inside them and serving them either fried or fresh. Both products originated in South East Asia, but are now enjoyed all over the world. Torg offers B2B wholesale options for both these products which makes it easy for restaurants, caterers and businesses to source their ingredients quickly and easily.
  2. Prawn Summer Rolls:
    Prawn Summer Rolls are another type of Asian wrap that is similar to Spring Rolls. Like Spring Rolls, they use a rice-based wrapper and can be filled with different ingredients such as prawns, vegetables and herbs. The main difference between the two is that Summer Rolls are usually served fresh rather than fried like Spring Rolls. This provides a healthier option for consumers who want to enjoy a lighter version of the classic dish. With Torg's sourcing capabilities and private label options, businesses can easily add Prawn Summer Rolls to their menu without having to make them from scratch.
  3. Gyoza:
    Gyoza is another popular Asian appetizer that shares similarities with Spring Rolls. Both use a thin wrapper to encase various fillings such as pork, chicken or vegetables. However, unlike Spring Rolls which are typically fried or fresh, Gyoza is pan-fried on one side before being steamed in broth or water until crispy on the bottom. This gives it a unique texture compared to the soft wrapper of Spring Rolls. Businesses looking for new b2b suppliers for their Japanese-inspired menu items can turn to Torg for high-quality Gyoza at competitive prices.
  4. Empanadas:
    Empanadas may not have originated in Asia like Spring rolls, but they share a similar concept. These baked or fried pastries also use a thin wrapper to encase a variety of fillings such as meat, cheese, and vegetables. Like Spring Rolls, Empanadas are popular in different countries and have variations in their ingredients and cooking methods. Torg offers sourcing options for Empanadas from different regions such as Spain, Italy, and other Mediterranean countries giving businesses the ability to offer international flavors on their menu.
  5. Samosas:
    Samosas are another type of savory pastry that is similar to Spring Rolls. Originating in India, these triangular-shaped snacks also use a thin wrapper filled with various ingredients such as potatoes, peas, onions and spices. They are typically fried or baked like Spring Rolls but may have a different texture due to the use of wheat flour instead of rice flour in the wrapper. With Torg's extensive list of global suppliers and private label options, businesses can easily add Samosas to their menu alongside Spring Rolls for a diverse selection of appetizers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are spring rolls?

Spring rolls are a popular appetizer that originated in East Asia, but have become a beloved dish worldwide. They consist of vegetables and/or meat wrapped in thin, crispy pastry and served with dipping sauce.

Can Torg help me find suppliers for spring rolls?

Yes, Torg can assist you in finding the right suppliers for spring rolls. Our extensive database allows buyers to connect with relevant suppliers quickly and efficiently, making it easier than ever to source high-quality ingredients for your business.

What ingredients are typically used in spring rolls?

Spring rolls typically contain a mixture of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, and bean sprouts, along with protein options like chicken or shrimp. They are then rolled up in a thin wrapper made from flour or rice paper before being fried or baked to crispy perfection.

Where can I purchase spring roll wrappers?

Spring roll wrappers can be found at most Asian markets or specialty grocery stores. However, if you're looking for a larger quantity, Torg can connect you with wholesale suppliers who offer bulk purchasing options for your convenience.

Why are they called "spring" rolls?

The origins of spring rolls date back centuries ago in China, where they were traditionally eaten during the season of renewal and rebirth - hence the name "spring" roll. Today, they are enjoyed all year round across many cultures.

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