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Torg is a b2b food products marketplace that offers a large selection of sparkling white wine from various European suppliers. Our web application allows buyers to easily source and obtain quotes for their desired products, while also providing access to private label options. With our diverse range of suppliers from Italy, Spain, and the Mediterranean region, Torg caters to all kinds of businesses looking for high-quality sparkling white wine. From refreshing Prosecco to elegant Cava and crisp Asti Spumante, our category page features an extensive variety of sparkling white wine options perfect for any occasion. Discover the best deals on sparkling white wine with Torg today!

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Find your next best Sparkling White Wine from Torg's b2b marketplace. Choose from suppliers in Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean region. Explore our selection of wholesale bottles for private label sourcing. Discover a variety of sparkling white wines from Torg's marketplace today!

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Castel Frères- centre de Béziers - Beziers logo
Castel frères- centre de béziers - beziers
With a history dating back to 1949, Castel Frères is a leading hub for French wine, offering a wide range of brands, châteaux, and grands crus. Their dedicated teams and market expertise have positioned them as one of the most important players in the global wine industry. From Bordeaux to Provence and beyond, Castel Frères works closely with wineries and partners to create success in the world of wine. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, they provide exclusive services and expertise to help their clients succeed. Castel Frères is your go-to partner for premium French wines and grand cru vintages, ensuring guaranteed quality and a tailored approach to meet your needs. Experience their unparalleled network and exceptional selection to elevate your wine offerings and drive success in the market.
Sparkling white wine
French beers
Sweet wines
Sparkling wine
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France Avenue Jean Foucault Zi Du Capiscol CS 650 - Beziers
Certificates: All
Santa margherita s.p.a.
Santa Margherita is a pioneer in innovating and understanding the changing tastes of Italian wine over the past 60 years. They offer a wide range of wines including spumante, frizzante, bianchi, rossi, and dessert wines. Additionally, they provide hospitality services, wine tours, an online wine & food course, an eco-sustainable approach, and a wine shop. Recently, they introduced a new limited edition in partnership with FC Internazionale Milano and expanded their wine selection with the new rosé "Ros Trevenezie IGT". Explore their world of tradition and innovation through their wine experiences!
Natural wine
Sparkling white wine
Organic red wines
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Italy Via delle Cantine 4 – 39052 - Caldaro (BZ)
Certificates: All
premium rum logo
Premium rum
An online shop specializing in premium spirits such as whisky, rum, vodka, gin, and grappa. Choose from a wide selection of spirits from around the world, including special deals on select products like Ron Millonario and Ron Cristbal Nica. The website also offers various gift ideas, glassware, and accessories for spirit enthusiasts. Explore their collection of highquality spirits and find the perfect drink for any occasion.
Alcoholic beverage
Sparkling white wine
Sparkling wine
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Germany Plattenwerk 5 - Sangerhausen
Azienda Agricola Spagnoletti Zeuli Onofrio - ANDRIA logo
Azienda agricola spagnoletti zeuli onofrio - andria
We are olive growers and winegrowers with oil mill and cellar, in Andria, northern Puglia, Italy. We produce extra virgin olive oil, from a short and certified chain, sustainable, 100% Coratina, DOP Terra di Bari Castel del Monte and DOCG/DOC Castel del Monte wines.
Extra virgin olive oil
Sparkling white wine
Virgin olive oil
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Italy Contrada Zagaria - ANDRIA (BT)
Certificates: All

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