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Torg offers a great selection of mezcal from all around the world. You can find suppliers and private label options in all countries from Europe to Mediterranean, so you will be able to get what you need fast and hassle-free. All types of businesses are welcome - restaurants, bars, wholesalers or retailers – as well as everyone who needs top quality Mezcal no matter where they are located.

Capture an image of a bottle of Mezcal, preferably with a beautiful landscape in the background. Include some scenery from Spain, Italy or other European countries located near the Mediterranean Sea. Make sure to include signs of production and/or a label on the bottle.

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Explore Mezcal Suppliers Around the World

  1. Mexico: Mexico is the birthplace of mezcal, and Torg offers a great variety of options when it comes to finding suppliers in this country. With its rich history and flavorful palates, Mexican mezcal is used by many restaurants and bars around the world. The b2b market for mezcal has seen tremendous growth due to increased demand from international markets, and Torg helps businesses find reliable wholesale suppliers with ease.
  2. Oaxaca: Oaxaca, located in southern Mexico, is the primary production area for mezcal. It’s one of the oldest distilled drinks in Latin America and has been made in Oaxaca since pre-Hispanic times; today it still accounts for 80% of all mezcal produced worldwide. With a wide range of flavors from smoky to fruity, Torg can help you source quality products from reputable suppliers in Oaxaca while also providing insights about pricing trends.
  3. Italy: Italy is one of Europe’s biggest markets for mezcal exports and imports due to its vast cultural heritage when it comes to spirits & liquors. While Italian consumers tend to prefer traditional tequila styles over other types of agave spirits like mezcal, Torg makes it easy for business owners around the world to access high quality Italian suppliers through our platform – giving them access to excellent private label opportunities as well as discounted bulk orders.
  4. Spain: Spain produces some of the most sought after varieties of mezcal on the planet; while each region brings something unique to the table in terms of flavor profiles ranging from sweet and fruity notes all the way up to smoky ones. Through our comprehensive sourcing platform, Torg facilitates transactions between global buyers and Spanish producers at competitive prices so that businesses can get their hands on premium goods with ease.

Creative Ways to Use Mezcal

  1. Cocktails: Mezcal is an incredibly versatile spirit, with a variety of flavors and aromas that make it perfect for various types of cocktails. It can be used in Margaritas, Palomas, Micheladas, and more. An increasingly popular use of Mezcal is as a smoky replacement for Scotch or other whiskey in classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Bartenders are also experimenting with using mezcal to create new and exciting drinks such as the Oaxacan Mule or the Scorpion Sting.
  2. Cooking & Grilling: While mezcal is most well known for its use in traditional Mexican dishes like tamales and mole sauce, it is becoming increasingly popular to use in non-traditional dishes throughout Europe and beyond. For example, chefs have been experimenting by adding a splash of mezcal to ceviche or salad dressings to add depth of flavor and complexity. Mezcal may also be used as a glaze when grilling vegetables, fish or shrimp on the BBQ. The smokiness adds another layer of flavor that will surprise your friends and family at your next cookout!
  3. Private Label Sourcing: As many countries around the world continue to move towards sustainable practices when it comes to their food supply chain, suppliers from Torg's b2b marketplace are offering private label options using organic ingredients sourced directly from Mexico's mezcal region (Oaxaca). By taking advantage of this type of sourcing option, retailers can offer quality products with superior flavor while being good stewards of the environment at the same time.