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A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from a renowned winery in Spain. This refreshing, crisp white wine is perfect for any occasion. With hints of tropical fruits and citrus notes, it's sure to please the palate of any wine connoisseur. Choose this b2b supplier for your sourcing needs and enjoy wholesale prices on this exquisite wine. The Mediterranean climate in Spain produces some of the best grapes, making this Sauvignon Blanc a must-have for any private label collection.

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peter mertes kg logo
Peter mertes kg
In 1924, a winegrower from the Moselle had a vision: He wanted to get more people excited about wine. His favorite beverage should be accessible to everyone and integrated into daily shopping. He founded his own winery and gave it his name: Peter Mertes Today, the company, which has been family-run for four generations and is based in Bernkastel-Kues, is one of the most important market players in the wine industry, both nationally and internationally. With 400 employees in Bernkastel-Kues and sales offices in the USA, China and Poland, the winery is committed to selected wines from Germany and around the world.
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Germany Bornwiese 4 - bernkastel-kues
Certificates: All
stefano farina logo
Stefano farina
We are proud of our history: that of Stefano Farina and his love for the land and for wine. That of his three sons: three brothers who not only inherited their father’s passion, but who, in turn, have passed it on to following generations. This is the story of our family. This is the history of our company. Once upon a time Our story began in a trattoria, in the 1930s. Stefano and his wife Giovanna were the hosts, serving delicious meals, but of course, there were wines as well! When Stefano realized that winemaking interested him much more than food, he decided to take on the challenge of creating a full-fledged winery. It took some time, but finally opened in 1939, notwithstanding the winds of war in the air. With unbounded determination, he pursued his passion for wine, undeterred by world events. A real Italian family In 1941, Stephen and Giovanna moved to Erba, which became the hub for his family and those following in his footsteps. Bruno, Giancarlo and Gino – their children – lived there, with their wives and later with their own offspring. Ours was, and is, a real Italian family: we know that the key to success is sharing. The wine – soul makes the difference You cannot have good wine without good viticulture. Over the years, Stefano passed on his passion for wine to his second son, Giancarlo. Inspired, Giancarlo headed to Alba, to study enology. It was the most natural decision: fueled by his father’s passion true – but it was also something that stirred him personally, his calling in life. On completing his studies, he knew that simply bottling and selling someone else’s wines would not satisfy him: he wanted to make his own.
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Italy Strada Provinciale Salice/Avetrana Contrada Masseria Filippi - Salice Salentino (LE)
Gruppo cevico soc. coop agricola
Terre Cevico is a cooperative with 5000 families of winemakers, cultivating 7000 hectares of vineyards across 20 cellars. They produce authentic wines from Romagna since 1963. Offering a wide range of wines made from indigenous grape varieties, they focus on sustainability, ethics, and quality throughout their vineyardtotable process. Cultivating a sustainable future together, one bottle at a time.
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Italy VIA FIUMAZZO 72 48022 LUGO - LUGO (RA)
Certificates: All
La Cappuccina - Società Agricola Semplice logo
La cappuccina - società agricola semplice
La Cappuccina is a family-owned winery producing estate bottled organic wines since 1985 in the Soave region near Venice, Italy. Their vineyards are surrounded by olive groves and cover 105 acres, cultivating white grapes like Trebbiano di Soave and Sauvignon, and red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and more. La Cappuccina focuses on biodynamic practices to protect the environment and create vibrant wines.
Organic red wines
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Italy Via San Brizio, 125 - MONTEFORTE D'ALPONE (VR)
Certificates: All

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