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eesti pagar as logo
Eesti pagar as
eesti pagar specializes in baking and exporting a wide variety of bread and pastry products including rye bread, sweet pastries, cakes, and cookies.Products range from traditional loaves to sweet treats, catering to different preferences. For quality baked goods and pastries, check out eesti pagar's diverse product catalog and explore their special promotions and seasonal offerings.
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Estonia Tööstuse 34 - paide
Certificates: All
stavros nendos s.a. select logo
Stavros nendos s.a. select
Products: Bread, baked goods and spreads Bread (fresh, frozen, partly-baked) Wheat Bread Mixed wheat bread Wholemeal wheat bread Mixed rye bread Rye bread Wholemeal rye bread Special bread Mixed bread types Flat breads Other bread types Small baked rolls Rolls Frozen food and ice cream products Frozen baked goods Frozen bread and rolls Product sector: Bread & Bakery Trend subjects: Halal private label Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade Products for food service and catering Products for the food processing industry Provided products (private label) for the food and wholesale and retail trade Target and outlet markets: Canada Germany Middle East New Zealand North Africa Northern Europe Others Eastern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe Outbound: Germany, Cologne │ Anuga UAE, Dubai │ ISM Middle East
Cooked pizza base
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Greece Sindos, Greece - Sindos
Certificates: All
baltasis pyragas logo
Baltasis pyragas
Baltasis pyragas, UAB is one of the TOP5 Lithuanian bakeries: rapidly growing, improving and constantly increasing it’s manufacturing capacity. Currently, the company employs over 200 people and offers more than 50 brands of products in the categories of dark breads, light breads, long loaves, sandwitch/toast breads, buns, bread bowls, pizza bases, breadcrumbs and more. Baltasis pyragas, UAB successfully collaborates with over 700 trade and catering companies. Baltasis pyragas, UAB is one of the minority of Lithuanian companies that resisted temptation to gain quick economic profit by fully automating the time consuming process of traditional bread making. The philosophy of the company is encompassed in it’s motto: “Bread baked with love!”. Baltasis pyragas’ recipe for success is to tightly follow it‘s chosen path - to bake bread only from the finest quality ingredients, without using any preservatives. To use modern, up-to-date bread making techniques with respect to ancient traditions - to connect past and present. The company Baltasis pyragas, UAB and it’s products are acclaimed and preferred by consumers, as well as awarded for excellence in bread making and brand management: Export accounts for about 7% of Baltasis pyragas, UAB turnover. The company currently exports it’s goods to the countries of Great Britain, England, Ireland, the United States of America, Poland, Denmark and Israel.
Bread crumbs
Rye breads
White bread
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Lithuania Sodų g. 11 - Jonava
austerschmidt frische bäcker gmbh & co logo
Austerschmidt frische bäcker gmbh & co
The company was founded by Heinz Austerschmidt on March 29, 1962. In the early years, customers in North Rhine-Westphalia and southern Lower Saxony were supplied daily with fresh bread. Since the mid-90s, we have been producing frozen bread to enable the experience of oven-fresh bread enjoyment. After baking, the bread develops its perfect baking freshness with the aroma, crispy crust and loose crumb. The bread is baked by us with all care. Today we are proud to be the fresh baker who brings the perfect baking freshness to the consumer's table.
Fresh bread
Rye breads
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Germany Schwalbenweg 21 - Delbrück
Certificates: All

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